A-DATA S008 - a new flash drive with retractable USB connector

Friday, August 20, 2010

Taiwanese company A-DATA Technology introduced the flash-drive C008 with retractable connector. The new drive has a stylish design and a USB connector, sliding one finger, which makes its use more fast and convenient. In addition, drawer interface, not have to worry about losing the cap.

The new flash-drive S008 is not only beautiful but also functional. USB connector is safely tucked away in a compact matted dirt-repellent shell and does not require a cap, and the shell itself is durable and resistant to damage. The model comes in two colors. In addition, the flash drive S008 has a hole for lace and can be attached to keys or mobile phone.

Community S008 from A-DATA can free download software UFDtoGO, OStoGO and Norton Internet Security 2010 (60-day trial version) to improve mobility and safety of its A-DATA USB drives at the touch of a button.