Expensive: Advanced TAG Heuer Meridiist to Odyssey Pioneers

Friday, August 20, 2010

In celebration of its 150 th anniversary of the company TAG Heuer with Tesla Motors has created a unique GT-TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster for a Trip Around the World Odyssey of the Pioneers. Meridiist - mobile phone, developed by Swiss watch company - has been specially configured for this project, TAG Heuer and Tesla Motors.

New features allow pilots to track GMT two time zones simultaneously. TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster to be overcome 37 000 km, and its route will pass through the 15 largest cities in the world and the drivers of electric cars do not have time to ask a passer-by. Upgrade software improves the efficiency of the main functions of the phone. Function GMT - Master Time is designed for those who travel around the world. This option has been added to Meridiist is to participate in the Odyssey, Pioneer, and, since July 2010, it supports all models Meridiist.

One of the special design solutions Meridiist phone was located above an additional LCD screen allows you to quietly find out the time in situations where Meridiist is in the shirt pocket. One touch of a button on the steel side of the user can now not only reject the call, but, thanks to a new function GMT, the time to view the different time zones displayed on the upper screen is optional. Using the GMT is also possible in other services the phone, such as the Journal calls, sending messages (SMS, MMS or e-mail), personal organizer and alarm clock.

Models Meridiist, equipped with a function of GMT, distinguished by its appearance - on the back of the vehicle, above the logo of TAG Heuer, engraved logo GMT, while the camera shutter is decorated trim on Technology "concentric guilloche. The new line of GMT is available in several design options. One of them - finishing the back of the phone's leather-coated carbon fiber. Another version of "sport" model series Meridiist GMT demonstrates another kind of finish the back - it is made in vintage style and decorated with black perforated leather with red inserts. Finishing facility to the other sporting models Meridiist made either from smooth black rubber with inset logo TAG Heuer, an alligator with an exclusive black rubber coating «soft touch» with bright red stitching.


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