The new Xbox 360 has successfully hacked!

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's no secret that some users of previous versions of Xbox 360 consoles have resorted to hacking the device in order to obtain additional functionality. On the hacked game consoles, for example, you can view popular among the visitors of the World Wide Web electronic newspaper ads Craigslist, as well as work with users create Backup games recorded on DVD.

However, in mid-June, Microsoft announced a new version of the Xbox 360, which differs more than a thin, compact body and the presence of a removable hard disk capacity of 250 GB. Of course, hacking techniques applicable to the previously issued modifications to the console, in the case of the Xbox 360 Slim lost their effectiveness.

The eyes of the users were directed at the enthusiasts involved in the development of hacking the Xbox 360. And now it became known that Team Xecuter team, in collaboration with colleagues from Team Jungle and hacker Commodore4Eva created a patch that allows Xbox 360 Slim work with copies of games on DVD media by users.

However, enthusiasts are promised soon to release a public version of the patch, which will be available for all fans of Xbox 360 Slim. Keep in mind, however, that the use of such procedures is not quite legitimate, even if you download the backup of the game that you personally bought in the store.