Amazon: Kindle e-books are ahead of the popularity of physical books

Monday, December 28, 2009

The largest online store Amazon announced a nature to affect the entire market of typographic production. The fact is that the device for e-book reader Amazon Kindle is not only in itself has become the most popular Christmas and New Year gift, ahead of even the media player iPod touch, but also contributed to the tremendous growth in popularity of the actual e-books.

According to Amazon, e-books in a proprietary format for the Kindle for the first time surpassed the level of sales of their paper counterparts. This achievement is a significant milestone not only for Internet-oriented companies, namely, the Amazon, but in general the market for electronic books.

The above statistics of the Amazon means that the transition to electronic dissemination of typographic production, when the user simply loads the selected product on its "reading room" or the computer is much faster than in the music industry. In the latter area, distributing content on physical media such as compact discs, still forms the bulk of sales, although their share and continues to decline.

Recall that in the outgoing year, Amazon introduced the second version of its "reading room" called Kindle 2. This device is equipped with a 6-inch display technology-based "electronic ink", whose resolution is 600 x 800 pixels, and 2 GB of internal memory, USB-port and 3G functionality. Among other things, a tablet computer Apple, whose announcement may take place in late January, according to rumors, it is focused on reading electronic versions of books and periodicals.