Mouse-traveler Genius Micro Traveler 330LS

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Company Genius announced withdrawal of Russia's market a laser mouse Genius Micro Traveler 330LS. The new mouse Genius is designed, first and foremost on people, often traveling with a laptop. Compact size (76.8 x 48.8 x 28.5 mm) and light weight (47 grams) makes it an indispensable assistant in the trip. It can be easily connected to any computer without installing the drivers via the standard connector USB.

The mouse will also be suitable for the business person. It is suitable for use by both right-and left hand. Ergonomic mouse body is made of opaque plastic, so it comfortably in the palm of your hand and slips at work. A nice simple design of the device will complement the business style of the owner.

Laser sensor mouse with 1600 dpi allows you to use a mouse, not only to work with office applications and web browser, but also for computer games or image processing in image editors