Sony PSP-4000 with the support of UMD - next year

Friday, October 30, 2009

Again, there were rumors that Sony will present next year's new portable game console PSP-4000. This question, as reported resource Edge-online, discussing among themselves participants of the event Tokyo Game Show. Apparently, the newest release of the consoles PSP go not for sale as well as the company expected, and Sony decided to return to the old format with support for disks UMD. Sony PSP-4000 will be the continuer of the ideas of the PSP-3000 and receive a slot for discs UMD, whereas the PSP go there is only a built-in flash memory and card slot for Memory Stick Micro.

We have already mentioned in the news that Sony could go back to support the format UMD, then the information received from a fairly reliable source. By the way, the company was originally supposed to provide free digital copies of games the owner of the same disc UMD, however, the project was never realized. Owners of large collections of such disks, of course, are potential buyers of new game consoles, Sony PSP, so the release of the model PSP-4000 with the support of the format, perhaps, would be quite justified. Company Sony, in turn, does not comment on rumors.


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