LG introduced the 12-megapixel phone Louvre GC990

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Company of LG products at the exhibition of Korean Korea Products Exhibition in Warsaw formally presented Louvre GC990 - the first 12-megapixel phone company that supports video recording, high-quality (HD).

Preliminary specification new items:

  • 12-megapixel CMOS-optics module with Schneider-Kreuznach, xenon flash and autofocus
  • Function Intellizoom
  • Ability to record HD-video with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and the speed of 30 frames per second
  • 3.2-inch touch screen that supports 16 million colors
  • ISO - 3200 (max)
  • Wi-Fi with DLNA (possible data transfer between different types of devices: phones and televisions, audio players, etc.)
  • Bluetooth, TV Out, microSD, accelerometer
  • Optimization of the user interface under the control of the fingers - S-Class
  • A-GPS
  • Support for playback of DivX and XviD
  • So far, the price is unknown and the date of launch of the sale of LG Louvre GC990 - best device to work with photos and video today.

    Motorola ROKR ZN50

    Company Motorola today officially presented to the South Korean market its new model of music phone Motorola ROKR ZN50, which was made in the form-factor "slider" and has a full touch screen.

    This model has a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, the ability to connect a wireless stereo headset, to expand its memory using the memory card to 16 GB. In addition, the built-in phone technology is sound SRS WOW HDTM, provides, as the producer, a natural and pure surround sound. Also, customers who buy uspeyut in December this model, provided free access to online music service Melon, which allows to download music, as on a mobile phone or PC.

    For fans of games, the novelty from Motorola has 14 embedded Flash games that you can manage and with the help of touches to the display and a built-sensor movement. In addition to the above, the ZN50 integrated TV tuner, capable of on the phone to view terrestrial digital programs in the standard DMB.

    Promotions new items will be supported by the British rock band Placebo.

    Brief technical characteristics of Motorola ROKR ZN50:

    • Support communications standards: WCDMA 2100/HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, GSM 900/1800/1900
    • Dimensions: 108.9 h54h14, 3
    • Weight: 143 gr.
    • Display: widescreen touch-sensitive 3.2-inch, TFT, 240x427 pixels resolution, displaying more than 262 thousand colors
    • Camera: 3 MP with Autofocus
    • Support of wireless technologies Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR
    • Support for GPS navigation
    • Battery: 900 mA / h
    • Other applications: Alarm clock, calendar, calculator, units converter, world time

    The original notebook HP dv6 Artist Edition will go on sale

    Recently the Russian representation of company HP announced the availability in Russia multifunctional notebook design, executed in an original style. Design a new laptop was a Japanese artist Hisako Sakihama (Hisako Sakihama), which won the design competition of the popular Engine Room. To create stunning pattern designer Hisako Sakihama inspired sea and sky of Okinawa Japan.

    Notebook this series will be special assistant for technically stylish heeled young people, and protective carrying case and mouse, decorated with a similar color pattern of heaven and sea favorably emphasized the individuality of the owner. Sredneformatnaya model HP Pavilion dv6 Artist Edition is based on the HP Pavilion dv6 platform and is equipped with 15.6-inch HD screen with a 16:9 ratio, as well as coated Flush Glass, which ensure maximum image quality.

    Dual-processor AMD Turion, graphics adapter ATI, supporting work in high-resolution, 4 GB of RAM (expandable to up to 8 GB) and disk storage capacity of up to 500 GB provide sufficient power and performance for the realization of creative ideas. The presence of embedded Bluetooth Adapter makes it possible to easily connect to your laptop any wireless peripherals, and integrated web camera and two digital microphones allow its use for online communication and work in social networks.

    Model HP Pavilion dv6 Artist Edition will be available in Russia on the recommended retail price of U.S. $ 1000.

    Two new Sony video camera with internal memory, advanced optics and new technologies

    Japanese company Sony introduced two new models of Full HD video cameras, where the media is embedded Flash memory, which is, depending on the model, 64 GB (HDR-CX520V) or 32 GB (HDR-CX500V). The two new items to allow photography in the resolution of 12 MP.

    These new items are a function of converting the output video signal to progressive, and often 60 frames per second (60p) when you connect to a compatible HDTV display.

    Another feature of CX520V and CX500V is the presence of the optical (SteadyShot) and electronic systems, image stabilization, which is designed to reduce the effect of shake when shooting hand-held, especially in the closest zoom.

    The presence of a touch screen and a powerful image processor BIONZ, providing the owners of such cells in the management of the new opportunities and new functions, such as "Face Touch", the meaning of which is that the user selects on the screen (of course a touch of) the priority right person in the frame and the camera automatically makes the necessary settings with emphasis on the selected person. Similarly, there is a function of detecting individuals in the frame and the function of the start of shooting for a smile (Smile Shutter) - is, again, choose the necessary touch of a person in the frame, and the camera has automatically shoot when the selected person in the picture zaulybaetsya.

    But the most interesting innovations in the presentation is probably the fact that they are equipped with GPS (!) Module, thereby adding to video and photo geotag and allowing parallel viewing captured, track and path of movement on the map.

    Camcorder Sony HDR-CX500V and HDR-CX520V, is expected to appear in the market for the recommended producer price $ 1100 and $ 1300 respectively.

    Sony VAIO NW11 15.5 "multimedia notebook

    In addition to the new series netbukov company Sony also announced a range of mobile multimedia computers VAIO NW11. New remarkable for its 15.5 "wide displays, performed on original technology Sony X-black LCD. Resolving them is 1366h768 points.

    Optional notebooks can be equipped with Blu-ray drive and discrete video card in the face of ATI Radeon HD4570. Among the other features include a processor Core 2 Duo T6500 (model NW11Z), OS Windows Vista Home Premium, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, slot HDMI, 3 port USB 2.0, support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This laptop weighs 2.7 Kg and its dimensions - 249h370h29, 1 mm.

    Panasonic HDC-HS350

    Company Panasonic today introduced their new masthead model amateur Full-HD camcorder with the 3-matrix (3MOS), with a built-in hard disk volume of 240 GB and support for SDHC memory cards. Home sales news producer is scheduled for 25 July.

    This camera has a system of three metal-oxide semiconductor (3MOS) matrices, thus providing better color and photosensitivity, as well as reduced noise levels compared to normal cells, using a matrix. The general permit system is 9.15 MP (3,05 x3) with an effective 6.21 MP (2,07 x3). The camera is also equipped with LEICA lens with a 12-fold increase in the optical system, optical image stabilization and autofocus tracking, in addition to the functions of intelligent selection of scenes iA, which was already normal in the conventional digital cameras Panasonic. From cameras "got" the camera and the possibility of full manual control of the camera and its functions as video and photos, including a variety of regimes placed shutter and aperture priority.

    It should be added that the manufacturer equipped HS350 Hard Disk 240 GB system volume 5.1-channel sound, widescreen 2.7-inch touch screen, and speaks of it as a cell with the fastest start in the world.

    PSP2 get Quad GPU?

    Last month the company announced the Sony portable gaming console PSP go, but the development is yet another model - PSP2. While this model there are only various rumors, and to them add the Spanish resource Eurogamer. According to this site console receives PowerVR technology company Imagination Technologies.

    According to this information, which comes from a source at Sony, the console will be installed chip SGX543MP Hydra. This processor can have from one to 16 nuclei, with a single version was shown at CES and missed opportunities to start the game Quake 3 Arena at 30FPS. According to the source, the PSP2 will be installed quad version, which provides speed rendering up to 133 million polygons per second.

    Portable gaming console PSP2 is currently at the design stage and its emergence in the market may not be before 2010.

    Ritmix FMT-A955

    In the Russian market the company debuted new Ritmix - transmitter FMT-A955. This model is quite interesting: in addition to its core «duties», it serves as a car mp3-player and Bluetooth-transmitter, designed for telephone calls using hands free.

    Just connect to the device microphone included in the package delivery, and talk on the phone directly from the salon, not holding the phone to your ear. Sound (voice of your buddy) will be at this show either on radio or on the optional headphones.

    Ritmix FMT-A955 is able to transmit the signal to the stereo with external devices (such as a player, PDA, etc.) as well as carriers. In the past can be used a memory card, SD, USB-флешки and hard drives with capacity up to 32 GB. For ease of supply includes a remote control.

    Sony VRD-MC6: compact external DVD writer drive with a large LCD display

    Company Sony introduced its new model the next generation of external writing multi-series DVD drives DVDirect, is capable of recording video as a standard and HD quality to DVD discs without the participation in the process of recording your computer - VRD-MC6.

    Highlighted by the fact that the novelty is equipped with a large 2.7-inch display, which is a 60% increase from ustanovlevaemyh on its predecessor. The presence of the display on the drive allows the user to preview video (as well as using it as a movie player), while up to 6 photos.

    With the direct connection of cameras to the Sony VRD-MC6, writer drive itself, as already noted above, without the computer will record the DVD disc in the correct format: the use of conventional cameras this will be a regular video DVD, and in the case of HD cameras - the material is stored in AVCHD, which then can be reproduced on a computer or game console PlayStation 3.

    For connection of external video cameras, described in the drive connectors are provided, such as i.LINK/FireWire/IEEE-1394, Composite video input, USB and memory card slot for Memory Stick (for photos and additional SD / SDHC and xD-picture).

    Home sales Sony VRD-MC6 is scheduled to start producing in September of this year at a cost of about $ 230.