Three low-profile graphics card Sparkle GeForce based on 210, GT 220 and GT 240

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Company Sparkle Computer has introduced three new graphics cards with DirectX 10-based graphics NVIDIA: SXG210512S3LENM (GeForce 210), SXT2201024S3LENM (GeForce GT 220) and SXT2401024S3LENM (GeForce GT 240). This low profile model with support for Interface PCI-Express x1, they are suitable for compact computers HTPC and Mini PC. Latest from the Sparkle performed in single-slot design with active cooling and are equipped with video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI.

The main parameters of the new graphics card Sparkle:

    * SXG210512S3LENM - 16 stream processors, 64-bit interface, 512 MB DDR3, such frequency 589/1402 MHz (core / shader unit)
    * SXT2201024S3LENM - 48 stream processors, 128-bit interface, 1 GB DDR3, such frequency 625/1360 MHz (core / shader unit)
    * SXT2401024S3LENM - 96 stream processors, 128-bit interface, 1 GB DDR3, such frequency 550/1340 MHz (core / shader unit)

Inexpensive video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 will be released Oct. 12

Online rumors about release dates video NVIDIA GeForce GT 430. She was a little rumored: This adapter is built on the GPU NVIDIA GF108 and focused on a segment of graphics solutions the initial level. According to the source, release an inexpensive video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 will be held on October 12. While difficult to say how accurate these figures. With regard to the characteristics of a graphics card, something about them already have some preliminary information.

As expected, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 provides 96 stream processors, 1 GB of GDDR3 memory and 128-bit memory interface. In turn, the clock core and memory adapter will be, obviously, 700 and 900 MHz respectively. We have already mentioned in the news and on the cost of the new budget decisions NVIDIA. This information is still too from the discharge of assumptions, and can only hope that it will hold true: the cost of NVIDIA GeForce GT 430, may not exceed $ 100.

5-megapixel lens with IR correction marks and ARA for Fujinon CCTV Day / Night

Armo-Systems will present a 5-megapixel lenses HF35SR4A-(SA) 1 and HF50SR4A-(SA) 1 Mark Fujinon. In a new line of 5-megapixel Fujinon optics include lenses with fixed focal length of 35 mm and 50 mm, and each model is a modification to the manual (HF35SR4A-1 and HF50SR4A-1) or automatic (HF35SR4A-SA1 and HF50SR4A-SA1) iris lens administered by the signal DC (Direct Drive) through the standard 4-pin connector. The choice of a model depends on the site of the cameras and the lighting conditions at the facility. Thus, lenses with manual iris lenses are recommended for installation on the camera, working in areas with minor modifications, lighting, and models with DC control - to work with variable illumination, including in outdoor conditions.

New items are designed to work with cameras having a resolution of up to 5 megapixels and a matrix format 1 / 2, 1 / 3 and 2 / 3 inches. The horizontal viewing angle of each lens series can reach 15 ° 36 'with the aspect ratio of 16:9. To ensure high-definition video over the entire field of view, these lenses are used Fujinon glass optical system with lenses of fine grinding and high precision assembly. Therefore, all modifications HF35SR4A/HF50SR4A let you create video of decent quality, not only for visual control of the situation at the facility, but also for use in intelligent processing of images.

Just set the parameters of each 5-megapixel model with a fixed focal length can be increased by adjusting the rings when the lens with the camera installed at the facility surveillance. To improve the quality of video HF35SR4A-1/HF50SR4A-1 and optics with ARD HF35SR4A-SA1/HF50SR4A-SA1 allow necessary to apply optional filters. For this purpose lenses equipped with standard thread M35/M40 for screwing the filter. For example, in outdoor conditions video to compensate for the excess brightness of the sky, with the active sun is advisable to use a gradient filter, which allows not only to balance the illumination of the scene, but also to prevent flare matrix cameras.

To ensure correct operation of the lens series of HF35 (1950) SR4A with cameras such as "day / night" allows infrared (IR) correction filter, which is a special multi-layer coating applied on the lens. Unlike conventional optics without IR correction, which is unable to compensate for the different wavelengths of the day and night lighting and leads to a shift in focus when switching camera modes between "day" and "night", the new lenses correct this deficiency, preventing defocusing the image. This is especially important for video surveillance, high-resolution, where a slight shift of focus would lead to loss of informative videos, and the impossibility of its use for identification of state. numbers of machines and other important tasks.

Robust new products reduces their sensitivity to vibration, shock and temperature fluctuations from -10 to 50 ° C, and C-metal thread securely attaches the lens to the cameras from manufacturers such as Arecont Vision, AXIS, Pelco, Sanyo and others . In this new lens will work effectively in a video security, recognition, license plate vehicles, including, in poor visibility and high flow rates, in systems Learning cargo, surveillance complex technological processes, as well as in machine vision systems.

New 5-megapixel long lens with IR correction HF35SR4A-(SA) 1 and HF50SR4A-(SA) a company Fujinon already arrived at the warehouse company ARMO-Systems, and their retail price is 733 and 833 dollars respectively.

Projectors ViewSonic Pro8500, Pro8450w and Pro8400 professional class

The company announced a new line of ViewSonic projectors Pro 8 Series, which includes projectors XGA Pro8500, WXGA Pro8450w and Full HD Pro8400 with brightness up to 5000 lm. All three of the projector - a solution with high brightness for installations professional level, providing a range of connectivity options, including RGBx2, HDMI, presentations on the network IP, the function of "USB without a PC - direct USB connection to play the" Plug-and-Play and even support for wireless networks using an optional wireless adapter.

New Software for Crestron RoomView Express, supplied with equipment, offers full functionality for network management, and software for network presentations allow participants to display their presentations together on the screen, dividing it in proportion 2:1 or 4:1. Large 1.5-times optical zoom lens provides maximum flexibility in installation of equipment, simplifying installation, and maintenance of the device is still not difficult due to such facilities as the setting and design of the lamp without a filter.

Projector Pro8500 - XGA solution for conference rooms, meeting rooms, lecture rooms. This contemporary DLP projector offers good color with 6-segment color wheel design and built-in speaker power of 10 W and audio output complement its multimedia capabilities. Equipped with a 1.5-fold optical zoom, Pro8500 projector gives an image with a diagonal of up to 300 "(762 cm) with realistic clarity. With a brightness of 5000 lumens, this projector ensures optimum performance and image quality in virtually any lighting conditions.

Pro8450w and Pro8400 - 3D projectors with high brightness and resolution WXGA and Full HD. For installations that require the latest large-format solutions WXGA, ViewSonic Corporation has introduced the projector Pro8450w. In addition, ViewSonic Pro8400 projector announced a realistic image that enhances the quality of entertainment thanks to the Full HD. Pro8450w projector has a brightness of 4500 lumens, and Pro8400 - 4000 lm. Both solutions include 1.5-times optical zoom for greater flexibility in use, as well as provide further spread of 3D technology with the support of 120 Hz. All three projector Pro Series 8 are three-year warranty and one year warranty on the lamp. Projectors for sale in Russia in the 4 th quarter of 2010.

A-DATA N005 - drive with USB 3.0 interface

The Taiwanese company A-DATA Technology introduced the model flash drive the next generation of N005. It uses USB 3.0 for high speed reading and writing.

As the producer, A-DATA N005 satisfies the growing demand for high speed data transfer for everyday use in personal portable. The model uses the advanced interface USB 3.0 with data transfer rates of up to 85 Mbps, which is confirmed by actual tests, it is 300% faster than conventional interface USB 2.0.

The drive is A-DATA N005 comes in a sleek silver aluminum casing. Mounted on the back of the drive keep the cap and protect it from loss and fall. NEW available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB capacities.

Community A-DATA are free to download software UFDtoGO and Norton Internet Security 2010 (60-day trial version) to enhance mobility and safety of its A-DATA USB drives at the touch of a button.

Stylish radiophone teXet TX-D4800A

Company Electronic Systems Alkotel reported that the range of DECT phones brand teXet added another novelty. Stylish design model teXet TX-D4800A executed in black gloss. Black glass inverted display in the same plane with the front surface of the tube. Velvety to the touch, rubberized buttons on your form repeat correct geometry of the tube and the base unit. In the center of the keyboard - a round navigation button silver.

A simple logical menus - in Russian. Notebook 50 names also in Russian. In addition, in the arsenal of new items - AON Russian standard, speakerphone, a clock, alarm clock, polyphonic ring tones.

Characteristics of TX-D4800A:

    * Contrast inverse display
    * Menu in Russian
    * Phonebook for 50 names and numbers
    * Calling Line Identification (Caller ID) memory 40 rooms
    * Automatic number identification (ANI): Displays the name of the subscriber, if it is listed in the phone book, on and off caller ID, set number of the calling signals from up to determine the number and choice of characters subscriber number, date and time indication of incoming call
    * Speakerphone (speakerphone)
    * Repeat the last 10 dialed numbers
    * 10 melodies ringing handset, including 5 polyphonic
    * 5 levels of volume and ringing off the tube
    * 5 levels of volume in the tube
    * 5 melodies ringing the base unit
    * 5 levels of volume and ringing off the base unit
    * Time display, timer, alarm clock
    * Key lock, mute, pause, search tube
    * Range up to 50 meters indoors and up to 300 m in open terrain
    * Ability to connect up to five handsets (wireless PBX)

Netbook HP Mini 210 and Mini 5103 received a new dual-core chip Intel Atom N550

Hewlett-Packard Company has updated its netbooks HP Mini 210 and Mini 5103, they received a new dual-core processor Intel Atom N550 with a frequency of 1.5 GHz. Previously, these devices were built on the chips Intel Atom N455 or N475 with the support of RAM DDR3, now, these options also remain. For the HP Mini 210 graphics accelerator is proposed optional Broadcom Crystal HD, which allows high-definition playback 720p and 1080p. Furthermore, the netbook is available in several colors - gray, red, purple, hot pink and blue. Updated HP Mini 210 has been released in the U.S., it costs from $ 329.

Another model is HP Mini 5103 is oriented mainly at business users and students. It is enclosed in a lightweight anodized aluminum, and optionally offered handle for easy transport. Furthermore, the netbook can be equipped with touchscreen, moreover, 10.1-inch display is available with a WSVGA resolution or HD. Among the other options - graphics accelerator Broadcom HD and 6-cell battery, providing over 10 hours of battery life from one charge. The cost HP Mini 5103 will start at $ 399, it is already sold in the U.S..

Notebooks HP Envy 17 3D, Envy 14 Beats Edition and Pavilion dm3 cooled CoolSense

Hewlett-Packard Company today announced several new products - notebooks HP Envy 17 3D, HP Envy 14 Beats Edition and HP Pavilion dm3 with a special cooling. 17-inch HP Envy 1917 is equipped with a 3D display, 3D Ultra BrightView, which can display three-dimensional image, and comes with special glasses. Novelty can display 1080p Full HD video and 3D Blu-ray content. The capacity of this notebook can be up to 2 terabytes, it is based on Quad-Core Intel Core i7 and uses a discrete graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 with 3D technology from AMD. The cost of HP Envy 17 3D is $ 2000.

Notebook HP Envy 14 Beats Edition, in turn, differs from the basic model only slightly modified design and more glamorous presence Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre included. The cost of this laptop starts at $ 1249.

And finally, the last of the new products - updated HP Pavilion dm3. This 13.3-inch notebook chips based on Intel Core i3 or i5 and supports a new proprietary technology for cooling HP CoolSense. It combines hardware and software capabilities to achieve optimal performance. Used metal alloys, special coating and non-conductive surfaces, as well as strategically-placed fans are true, says the company. And on HP Thermal Assistant automatically selects the best mode or cooling or optimal performance, depending on the current mode of the notebook. The cost of an HP Pavilion dm3 starts at $ 549.

New Sony Reader Pocket Edition, Touch Edition and Daily Edition - thin, lightweight and with touchscreen

Sony has introduced three new electronic books - Sony Reader PRS-350 (Reader Pocket Edition), PRS-650 (Reader Touch Edition) and the PRS-950 (Reader Daily Edition). The first models, the most simple and inexpensive ($ 179), equipped with a 5-inch touch screen-based electronic paper. She does not have wireless capabilities, but has 2 GB of internal memory and card slot for SD. Sony Reader PRS-350 will be available in silver or pink colors.
BookArmor (tm) Delta 5 Edition Travel Case for Sony PRS-350 or PRS-300 Pocket Edition eBook Reader
The second device - Sony Reader PRS-650 - is already $ 229. This is the average reader with a 6-inch touchscreen. He has the same 2 GB of internal memory, plus slots for SD cards and MemoryStick Pro. The device also can play audio files MP3 and AAC. Available colors of this model - black and red. And finally, Sony Reader PRS-950 - eBook elder with 7-inch touch screen, wireless adapters Wi-Fi and 3G (in the U.S. - AT & T). 2 GB of internal memory and slots for the cards - also available.

Model Sony Reader PRS-950 will cost $ 299 and will be released only in November, in contrast to already released the younger readers. Sony also noted that the new items - lighter and thinner than his predecessors and enclosed in aluminum housing. In addition, they received high-contrast displays E Ink Pearl, which realize a clear image thanks to an improved sensor technology is Sony, which is not "blurred" picture under the touchpad.

Apple has launched a social network on iTunes

Apple has unveiled a new version of media player iTunes. New iTunes 1910 has undergone significant changes, it appeared interesting new features. Perhaps the most notable innovation - support for social service Ping. With it you can easily monitor the developments in the life of your favorite artists and friends - and discover the music of which they speak, listen and download, as well as to establish contacts with music lovers worldwide. The user can easily check and comment on photos and videos, published by his friends, read reviews of their favorite artists and albums, create a profile on iTunes, so that his friends knew that he listens to or what the concert went. In addition to Ping on your PC, a social network will also be available with the iPhone or iPod touch, running on a platform iOS version 4 or higher, corresponding to a free software update can be done via iTunes 9.2 or higher.

In iTunes, in 1910 an opportunity to rent HD TV shows without commercials from ABC, ABC Family, Fox, Disney Channel and BBC America, for 99 cents for the series. Show them it will be possible on a Mac or PC, iPhone, iPod touch, as well as the new Apple TV, start watching "rolling" of the series can be within 30 days, and once begun, you have the 48-hour "inspection." While the rent HD TV shows only available in the U.S..

iTunes 10 also supports playing music wirelessly with AirPlay for audio systems that support the AirPlay, home theater systems, as well as accessories for the iPod. Furthermore, there is an additional voice support with VoiceOver Kit for iPod, improvements in productivity, thanks to which iTunes is faster and more efficiently.

Interestingly, as has been redesigned graphical user interface in many elements of iTunes. For example, the company removed the sign from the CD logo and icons of the program, once again highlighting the orientation of the refusal of the physical media in the music and video.

Microsoft rolls out a flexible touch mouse

Microsoft has officially submitted the original mouse Arc Touch Mouse. This mouse can accept both flat and curved shape (by hand). In flexion it is included, while straightening - off. The technical solution allows the device to adjust the body under him. Novelty is an elegant slim device (thickness - less than 15 mm) in a black casing with glossy buttons and a matte soft surface under the palm.

A special feature of Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is that it has the usual scroll wheel has been replaced by a sensor strip that can be used for easy scrolling and a number of other actions, say, switch between pages of the document. You can click on the strip, do the "double-click, hold, and so on - in different applications, this will lead to the implementation of various actions.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse BlueTrack technology is supported and connected to a computer wirelessly (comes with mini USB adapter). One set of two AAA batteries the mouse can run for more than six months. The cost of new original mouse is $ 69.95. Now it is already available for pre-order in a number of online stores U.S.. A supply of Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse will begin only in December.

New Tablet Android: Samsung introduced a murderer iPad

Fully met expectations, Samsung Electronics officially introduced the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab (model GT-P1000) at the start of the IFA 2010. Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab - a new type of device for the company he works for on the basis of the new operating system, Google Android 2.2. 7-inch TFT display lets you comfortably watch movies, pictures, read e-books or work with documents. However, due to their compact size and light weight (380 grams), a tablet is convenient to take with you on the road.

The new tablet from Samsung has received support 3G HSUPA, Wi-Fi (802,11 n), and Bluetooth 3.0. For voice telephony in Samsung Galaxy Tab provides a loud external speaker to talk about home or office and can connect Bluetooth headset. Working on the Cortex A8 processor with 1 GHz, the new tablet Galaxy Tab cope with the tasks of varying complexity. With support for Full HD video and a variety of different codecs (DivX, XviD, MPEG4, H.263, H.264, etc.) Tablet PC will provide users with opportunities to view the video. In addition to the built-in front camera for video conferencing, a new tablet also features a more powerful camera, located on the rear panel. Timing yet defined quite vaguely - "the coming months."

The following applications for Samsung Galaxy Tab in the store applications Android Marketplace. Readers Hub - hub of electronic books, magazines and newspapers. The database application contains more than two million books in 25 different languages, more than 1,600 newspapers in 42 languages and more than 3,000 journals in 20 languages. Social Hub - combines the platform in a single application all of the popular Internet services, postal services, instant messaging and social networks. Navigation allows, without leaving the application, follow the latest developments of your contacts from a pocket-book, send emails and SMS, to comment on uploaded videos and pictures and much more.

Media Hub - the application allows you to quickly download the latest box office, various classic movies or popular television shows. In the application directory are located several thousands of movies and TV series. Media Hub is already running in the U.S. and will soon be available on the Russian market. Music Hub - a new application turns the tablet into a musical center, opening up access to the music database consisting of more than ten million tracks. Music Hub brings together in one application, music catalog, store, and an interactive music player that allows you to view the latest music charts and recommendations, create playlists and celebrate their favorite songs.

Mobile services Google - services such as Google Maps Navigation (Beta) (in Russia is not available this service) and Google Goggles are now available for free download from the Android Marketplace. Google Goggles - is a powerful and useful tool for working with visual search and augmented reality. Using the new cell plate, Google Goggles will quickly find out information about a product, to translate restaurant menus, learn more about the history of the street, find the nearest places of interest.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab:

    * Network - GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz), HSUPA 5,76 Mbit / sec (900 / 1 900 / 2, 100 MHz)
    * Operating System - Google Android 2.2
    * Display - 7.0 inch TFT with a resolution WSVGA (1024x600 pixels)
    * Processor - Cortex A8 1 GHz with PowerVR SGX540
    * Camera - 3 megapixel and 1.3 megapixel front camera for video telephony
    * Extras: Android Market app store and Samsung Apps, universal application Readers Hub, Media Hub, Music Hub, Social Hub, support Adobe Flash 10.1, Full HD images, the program office applications Thinkfree Office, fast typing Swype, widgets Hybrid Widget
    * Data Transfer - Connector 30 pin, microSD, Wi-Fi 802,11 n, Bluetooth 3.0
    * Memory - 16 / 32 GB internal memory and up to 32 GB of expandable memory (microSD), 4 GB NAND Flash memory for applications, 4 GB of SDRAM memory, 1 GB SDRAM for network connection
    * Dimensions -190,09 x120, 45x11, 98 mm
    * Weight - 380 grams
    * Battery - 4000 mAh (7 hours of video playback)