Arc Motion Controller for Sony PS3 can get a supplement in the style of Wii Nunchuk

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It is known that at the forthcoming this week in San Francisco video game developers conference (Games Developer's Conference, GDC) company Sony may submit a supplement for their future game controller for the PlayStation 3, known as the Arc Motion Controller. Interestingly, according to the source of information, this addition will be done in the style of popular enough Controller Wii Nunchuk.

Visitor NeoGAF forum under the nickname Ichinisan claims that this device Arc Motion Controller, he has noticed in the photographs includes the analog stick buttons plus the X and O, as well as a couple of buttons, L1 and L2 below the location of the D-Pad. In addition, according to the source, the controller Arc contains one very large button on top (perhaps this is already familiar pink ball), the buttons X and O, triangle and square buttons and a trigger mechanism, denoted by the letter T. It argues that the above device is really long and differs from the Controller Wii Nunchuk.

MSI X-Slim X360 - thinnest notebook to 9 hours of battery life

Company Micro-Star International (MSI) has officially announced a new laptop from a series of thin X-Slim. The model is called the X360, it is equipped with 13-inch display. Notebook MSI X-Slim X360 is based on the processor Intel Core i5 with low power consumption (platform Arrandale) and can work up to 9 hours off-line from one recharge the battery. In this case, the weight of the notebook does not exceed 1.4 kg, and the thickness - 26 mm. In addition, the solution is an attractive design with beveled corners, shading on the lid body and a glossy finish Color Film Print.

Thanks to technology ECO laptop can operate in five different modes, from the most productive to the most energy efficient. It should be noted, and software developed by the company MSI - EasyViewer (image viewer with a three-dimensional interface) and EasyFace (user authentication using a web camera).

MSI X360 Specifications:

* Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium
* Processor Intel Core i5-520UM
Chipset Intel HM55
* Graphics Intel HD
* Up to 4 GB of RAM DDRIII
* 13-inch display with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels
* 2.5-inch hard disk volume 250/320/500 GB (SATA)
* Memory card slot SD / MMC
* Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / draft n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
* 1.3 megapixel web camera
* Ports - HDMI, D-sub, USB 2.0x2, microphone, headphone, RJ-45
* 4/8-elementny battery
* Dimension - 324x227x22, 5 mm
* Weight - 1.4 kg

Graphics card Sparkle Calibre X240G - in close-up photo

Company Sparkle introduced a new line of graphics cards built on the base model NVIDIA GeForce GT 240. New items are named "Sparkle Calibre X240/X240G and GT 240 GDDR5 OC and represent the solutions with a factory overclocked, and bundled them delivered glasses 3D Vision and related software NVIDIA 3D Vision PowerPack.

In addition, all three new graphics card Sparkle carry on board fast memory GDDR5. In this model X240 has 512 Mb, and version X240G - 1 GB of memory. In addition, the adapter Sparkle Calibre X240G was presented at the recently concluded exhibition CeBIT 2010, where he got into the lens journalists Fudzilla.

Sparkle Calibre X240G accelerator equipped with 96 stream processors and video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI, and its clock speeds are 630, 1677 and 3600 MHz for the GPU, shader, and memory, respectively. For cooling the video card meets the non-reference dual-slot cooler with a self-cleaning function.

The membership of the cooling system includes a fan with two levels of the impeller, with the "layers" are made in different colors. When you turn on this fan first within 30 seconds, rotates clockwise, then - in the opposite direction. Thus removed the dust had settled on his blades. The cost of Sparkle Calibre X240G is not reported.

ASUS Eee PC 1005PR - netbook with HD display and an accelerator Broadcom Crystal HD

The site of the company ASUSTeK Computer page appears with a description of the model Eee PC 1005PR. This is the first netbook, the company with a display resolution of 1366x768 pixels. New, incidentally, was shown at the last CeBIT, 2010. I now know more about it can and on manufacturer's website. Netbook, incidentally, comes in black, white, blue and pink colors. In general, characteristics of the Eee PC 1005PR similar Eee PC 1005PE for two major exceptions - the display resolution and accelerator Broadcom Crystal HD. Apparently, the novelty at the expense of this would be more expensive. Although the specific value has not yet specified. And sales will begin in April.

ASUS Eee PC 1005PR Features:

* 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels
* Graphics Intel GMA 3150 + Broadcom BCM 70015 HD
* Processor Intel Atom N450 (1,66 GHz)
* Operating system Windows 7 Starter Edition
* Up to 2 GB of RAM
* Hard Drive 250 GB
* Communications - Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Ethernet
* Ports - VGA, microphone, headphones, 3hUSB 2.0, RJ-45
Slot MMC / SD (SDHC)
* 6-cell battery (type in different capacities)
* Time of battery life - 9-11 hours
* Dimension - 262x178x25 ,9-36, 5 mm
* Weight - 1.27 kg

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 smartphone will be available in two versions - with SureType and QWERTY

Shop Online TrueSupplier offers QWERTY keyboard for a smartphone BlackBerry Pearl 9100. Interestingly, this model has not yet been officially announced, although it is already known in the network. However, in earlier photographs BlackBerry Pearl 9100 brought with SureType keyboard and optical trackpad. Apparently, the machine will be released in two versions with different keyboards. QWERTY keyboard for the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is made in the traditional style smartphone line Bold, although it looks much thinner.

With regard to the characteristics of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100, a new source of anything they have not told. This is logical, since the site only provided information about the component, that is - QWERTY keyboard. Although some data are from earlier sources. It is assumed that the smartphone is equipped with 3 megapixel camera, 256 MB of memory, supports third-generation cellular networks, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But all this information has not been confirmed. Issue BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is expected in April, though this is also just a rumor - the company itself RIM existence of such a model is not confirmed.

Thin and light business laptop Dell Vostro 3000

Dell today announced a new line of business notebooks Vostro 3000. This is not just a model with a capacity sufficient for the job tasks, they are also thinner and lighter devices. Mainly, these notebooks targeted at small and medium businesses. The series includes models of Dell Vostro 3300, 3400, 3500 and 3700 - from 13, 14, 15 and 17-inch display, respectively.

They are running Windows 7, based on CPU performance Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 (older model Vostro 3700) and may use graphics Intel GMA HD or NVIDIA GeForce 310M, and Vostro 3700 - even NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 with 1 GB of video memory.

Also among the characteristics of the series of notebook Dell Vostro 3000 to 6 GB of RAM, hard drive capacity up to 500 GB, 2 megapixel camera and a card reader 5-in-1 or 8-in-1. Communications are Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 and even WWAN (EVDO-HSPA).

Notebooks Dell Vostro 3000 has already gone on sale in the U.S. and several Asian countries, and from March 16, they will come out in Europe and South America. Cost Vostro 3300 starts at $ 788, 3400 and 3500 - from $ 768 and Vostro 3700 is available as a minimum, for $ 798.

Spire is a universal CPU cooler TherMax Eclipse II

Despite the fact that the CPU cooler TherMax Eclipse was released only last month, the company Spire has announced the creation of its improved version. Novelty was quite logical name TherMax Eclipse II differs from its predecessor, probably only a coating of nickel black.

New CPU cooler TherMax Eclipse II consists of the radiator block with dimensions of 131 x 70 x 152 mm, which includes 46 aluminum fins, made by stamping. In addition, there are five U-shaped copper tubes teplootvodnyh 8 mm in diameter, are in direct contact with the cooled processor and two 120 mm fan BlackStar 9 with ball bearing suspension.

Speed of these fans is 2200 rpm, and the level of outgoing acoustic noise equals 29 decibels. This CPU cooler TherMax Elipse II supports interoperability with AMD in the performance Socket 939/940/AM2 (+) / AM3, as well as with Intel chips as the structural LGA 775/1156/1366.

Note that the CPU cooler TherMax Elipse II is able to cope with the cooling of processors with a sufficiently high level of TDP - from 130 to 150 watts. His bundle includes PCI controller is present for the fans and rubber pads, absorbing vibration. Shipments of the new CPU cooler from Spire should begin in the second half of March, priced at $ 52.99 / 38.95 euros.

Sony will start producing TV sets with 3D functionality in June

It seems that those consumers who wants to buy a TV with support for 3D functionality of the well-known brand, have to wait a little longer. Following its rivals from Panasonic and Samsung Japanese corporation Sony announced plans to release the first HDTV with the ability to display three-dimensional image.

In this first model from Sony HDTV with 3D functionality, available for sale, will TVs between 40 and 46 inches. Sales of these devices in Japan must start on June 10, and their value in dollar terms is about $ 3200 and $ 3888 respectively.

Reported about the upcoming release of three series of Sony HDTV with 3D functionality - LX900, HX900 and HX800. Besides the ability to display stereo image, these TVs have a function of the LED backlight that improves picture quality coupled with a decrease in energy consumption.

In addition, the supplied models in the LX900 series will include two sets of 3D glasses. Note that the sale of 3D HDTV from Sony this year may reach a million copies, while the corresponding figures from Samsung and Panasonic should be about two and one million units sold, respectively. Among other things, Sony is going to sell their 3D HDTV and the international market, but the specific dates of release has not yet reported.

WiMAX smartphone HTC Supersonic- Video

The network has started a small video with your smartphone HTC Supersonic. However, the picture quality leaves much to be desired and to consider the device can be difficult. Recall, HTC Supersonic already known in the network, although the announcement is yet to come. Apparatus, according to rumors, is unusual in that the network supports standard WiMAX. Model, presumably, is intended for U.S. operator Sprint, which has already begun providing services in this standard. Apparently, support cellular CDMA networks with new items is also provided.

On the characteristics of a smartphone HTC Supersonic already have some information. It runs Android operating system interface HTC Sense. The smartphone is based on a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with 1 GHz processor and equipped with a large 4.3-inch touch screen. Also it has a 5 megapixel camera, a video you can see a dual LED flash. According to unofficial data, Issue HTC Supersonic scheduled for the summer.

Toshiba is preparing a communicator TG03 running Windows Phone 7 Series

Learned that Toshiba is already thinking about the release of Communicator TG03. Information was received from the Australian branch of the company. Details about the new product until a little. We only know that it will be based on the latest operating system Windows Phone 7 Series. So, what happens Toshiba TG03 not before the autumn at the earliest - in September. However, it is worth mentioning is the fact that until now has not commenced sales of the previous communicator - Toshiba TG02.

Communicator Toshiba TG02 was demonstrated at the exhibition Mobile World Congress this year. It is a thin piece besklaviaturnogo operating system Windows Mobile 6.5. The device is built on the processor with 1 GHz and is equipped with 4.1-inch capacitive touch screen. It is not clear whether TG03 differ markedly from its predecessor. According to rumors, the truth last year, all opposed to only a 5 megapixel camera and support for 5.1 audio.

Ezy tablet - rival Apple iPad

Have another pill, which claims to compete with Apple iPad - Ezy tablet PC. Device follows the design for the iPad and greater competitiveness is based on netbuchnoy platform. Ezy tablet has a 10.2-inch display, Windows 7 with support for multitouch, weighs about a kilogram and Atom 1.6GHz processor frequency.

In addition, the tablet is equipped with 2GB of RAM, 2.5 »HDD capacity of 250GB, 1.3 megapixel webcam, WiFi, 3G, three USB-ports, VGA-output, card reader. The resource is the battery life between charges is 3.5 hours against 10 o'clock Apple iPad.

Ezy tablet can be bought now costs 679 dollars.

1Cross ShuBook - Android MID and eBook in one bottle

Company 1Cross Tech decided to "pour oil on the fire of his" gaining momentum in the market of electronic books and presented at the CeBIT device ShuBook - a hybrid of MID on Android 1.6, and e-book. Device opens up like an ordinary book, which is left in the six-electronic ink display with a resolution of 800 × 600 pixels, but on the right side - a small color LCD TFT touch screen with 480 × 320 pixels and a QWERTY-keyboard, which is perfect for text input , web-surfing and navigation instruments.

API extension allows users to "flip" the content with LCD display to a larger E-ink display. At ShuBook can fully run many applications written for OS Android. In addition, the device is equipped with a processor, Marvell, frontal webcam, a slot for microSD memory card, WiFi, Bluetooth, a motion sensor and an optional 3G-modem.

Intel introduced a new netbook discipular Classmate PC

Intel released information about the new mobile PC for students Classmate PC. Recall, Classmate PC is a component of the product line for the educational initiatives of the corporation. Classmate PC The new model combines the increased strength and enhanced functionality. It is more efficient in terms of energy consumption, has a higher performance and more convenient for reading electronic books than the earlier model. Manufacturers have already begun to establish new production units at its base, which will be presented later this year.

Computers equipped with a processor Intel Atom N450 (1,66 GHz), consumes little power and designed specifically for mobile Internet devices and a new generation of inexpensive netbooks. Also in the new Classmate PC a volume increase storage and RAM to store and run educational applications, implemented Wi-Fi and (optionally) 3G and WiMAX. The battery provides autonomous operation within 8,5 hours. LCD touch-screen measuring 10.1 inches has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Also there is a built-in camera, sound system and microphone.

The new system is easy to navigate: thanks to the efficient heat dissipation, rubberized surface and low-profile handle, it is easy to hold and carry. Durable, lightweight and compact design allows you to work with a computer daily, it is suitable for children's hands, small desks and classrooms. Including netbook withstand a fall on the floor from the height of the table, protects the hard drive and screen, keyboard and touchpad are protected from moisture, optional keyboard with protection from pathogenic microflora.

New Training netbook can be converted into a tablet computer. Digital accelerometer toggles the orientation of the image on the screen, so that students can keep your netbook as you like, no matter what hand they used. Format laptop screen can be rotated 180 degrees, showing the image on it information classmates. Two headphone jack allows listening to audio tapes, along with a friend or teacher.

Mio Moov V780: multifunction 7-inch GPS-navigator

The company introduced multifunction Mio GPS-device Mio Moov V780 7-inch widescreen display, a navigation system Mio Spirit, digital TV receiver and playback HD-video.

In addition, V780 is equipped with multiple wireless modules - Wi-Fi, 3G/WiMAX. Thanks to the processor NVIDIA Tegra, Moov V780 provides smooth playback of multimedia content in high resolution and long battery life. Built-in digital TV receiver allows you to receive digital channels. Moov V780 Connecting to a TV, photos, and HD-video can be viewed on the big screen.

Users do not need to download anything or access the Internet for viewing maps and search for objects. Preinstalled Navigation System Mio Spirit with the new map data offers a quick search function on the basis of POI and has an intuitive simple interface.

Mio Moov V780 Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 204h111h14, 6 mm
  • Weight: 445 grams
  • Processor: NVIDIA Tegra, 600 MHz
  • Memory / ROM: 4 - 8 GB
  • Memory / RAM: 512 MB +
  • Expansion Slot: microSD, card support up to 32 GB
  • GPS chipset: u-blox
  • Screen: 6.95 inch TFT LCD with capacitive sensor
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels (WVGA)
  • Battery Capacity: 2300 mAh
  • Interface: USB (Mini USB 2.0)

Soon the issue of "injection" phone Nokia E72

We suggest you get acquainted with photos of the updated model Nokia E72, the index which is added the letter "i", which for the Chinese market will probably mean the support of the local wireless networking standard - WAPI:

The Chinese company ZTE will release their secure phone

The Chinese company ZTE will soon release to market its version of a mobile phone with increased protection from external influences. This model, whose photos are shown below, will have an index ZTE-J G380. No other information about this phone at the moment - no.

Panasonic DMC-G10: the compact and lightweight camera with interchangeable lens micro 4 / 3

Panasonic has introduced another new camera with interchangeable lens micro 4 / 3 of the Lumix G Micro System - Model DMC-G10. The new model DMC-G10 is a "sister" Camera DMC-G2 with touch controls. In contrast to the DMC-G2, display it does not swivel. Model DMC-G10 - is quite convenient and simple alternative for owners of compact cameras cameras who want to reach a higher level of photography, without thinking about the technique and rules of shooting.

Matrix Live MOS 12,1 megapixels and a new processor Venus Engine HD II provides high image quality. Double feature Live View, the output through the LCD screen measuring 3.0 inches at 460 000 pixels and the viewfinder, Live View (202 000 dots, 1,4 x (0,52 x), provides an opportunity to start shooting to see how the current camera settings will not be apparent the photograph and what happens as a result.

In addition to the formats of video recording QVGA, VGA and WVGA, in the model DMC-G10 provides for recording high-definition video 1280 x 720 format Motion JPEG. The camera has an output HDMI, which enables you to view videos and photos on the big screen HDTV via an optional mini-cable HDMI.

Camera DMC-G10 is compact and easy to carry. Bezzerkalnaya construction DMC-G10 complies with the standard micro 4 / 3, is light weight and compact size, which became possible after the rejection of a number of structural elements used in traditional cameras with interchangeable lenses, including a system of mirrors and optical viewfinder. Typically, light measurement and evaluation of distance running unit mirrors that in the new models is replaced by sensors operating in real time and high accuracy and speed of the focus provided by the use of contrast AF (AF).

Dimensions Panasonic DMC-G10 are 124 x 83,6 x 74 mm (body only), and weight - 336 grams (body only) and 558 grams (with a memory card SD, battery, lens, 14-42 mm). In the sale it will do is tentatively in June.

Stylish Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks for small and medium business

Lenovo is officially introduced in Russia notebooks ThinkPad Edge and ThinkPad X100e, created specially for small and medium businesses. Series ThinkPad Edge and professional entry-level ultraportable notebook ThinkPad X100e combines original design, high performance and ease of maintenance.

Notebooks ThinkPad Edge and ThinkPad X100e - is one of the most affordable notebooks ThinkPad, but they provide the performance and reliability comparable to the classical models of the series. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge and X100e are designed specifically for small and medium businesses. Unlike large corporations, small companies often do not have a full IT-specialist, but they need an equally high level of reliability and support. Not less important is the cost of devices. Notebooks ThinkPad Edge and X100e are equipped with a complete set of software and hardware technologies ThinkVantage, which allows you to store backup copies of data, update the drivers and software, and monitor the status of all computers in the company.

ThinkPad Edge and ThinkPad X100e - this is the first in a series of ThinkPad notebooks based on the platform AMD, equipped with single and dual-core processors and graphics chip with DirectX 10. Notebooks support the technology AMD Vision Pro, provides an effective multimedia applications and trouble-free switching between multiple monitors. VISION Pro technology ensures support for virtualization at the hardware level and is optimized for use with operating system Windows 7.

In the new model line of notebooks, called the ThinkPad Edge, will be presented to the model with screen sizes 13, 14 and 15 inches. Notebooks are specially designed for small and medium businesses. 13-inch model was the first ThinkPad notebooks based on dual-core processors from AMD. Notebooks ThinkPad Edge is available as a processor-based AMD, and processor-based Intel.

ThinkPad X100e - a compact, but at the same time, the productivity of mobile PC for small businesses. The choice of users for the proposed new ThinkPad colors: laptop is available in classic black and bold red and white colors concise. X100e built on AMD platform, and supports AMD VISION Pro. Compact ThinkPad X100e with 11.6-inch display weighs only 1.5 pounds with 6-cell battery and provides up to 5 hours of battery life. In addition, the notebook is equipped with a full-size keyboard and system UltraNav: a set of touchpad support MultiTouch and trekpoynta.

ThinkPad X100e and ThinkPad Edge with 13-inch screen is available for sale in Russian shops. Estimated cost models is between 18 000 and 23 000 rubles, respectively. Models ThinkPad Edge c screens 14 and 15 inches will be available in the second quarter of 2010.