Watch phone with two SIM-cards

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2sim watch1Wristwatch with a built-in mobile phone for a long time not a technical novelty, but here's a similar gadget that allows you to use two SIM cards, perhaps deserves our attention.

This gadget, the famous online store Chinavasion, will not only find out the current time and date, but will provide an opportunity to make telephone calls in the networks of two mobile operators, and also serve as a media player and video recorder, fotoë.

The device is equipped with 1.4-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels, has 2 GB of built-in memory, without the possibility of expansion and supports Bluetooth wireless technology. The battery provides approximately 3-4 hours battery life talk or 85-100 hours of standby time.

Order "dvuhsimn" wristwatch, you can here and they cost $ 142 United States.

2sim watch2

2sim watch3

2sim watch4

2sim watch5

Binatone represents telephone under Android

Company Binatone, known in the UK since the 1980s, has recently released a pretty strange product – wireless DECT landline phone running on Android.In essence, innovation represents something like a larger version of an Android-based Smartphone, but on the other hand, one cannot say that it does not have its advantages.

The new product can boast support Wi-Fi and 2.8-inch screen with 320 x 240 and can work with applications for Android-Smartphone. The phone is also equipped with a headphone jack built-in radio receiver, stereo speakers and reminiscent of a docking station for Apple devices.

So far, it is difficult to say exactly which version of the Android will be applied in nowinka. As regards other known characteristics, these include battery guarantee up to 80 hours standby time and up to 8 hours of calls, as well as a slot for memory cards microSD format.

Cost of DECT is 160 dollars and buy it will be closer to Christmas holidays.

Became aware of the price and release date for the world's first free readers with color E-ink display

We wrote that Chinese slideshow creator company Hanvon could become the first gadget with a color screen, based on the E-ink.Now became known more precise timing out gadget on the market, as well as its price.

The device is equipped with a color display with Triton 9.7 of electronic paper, which, among other things be able to play a simple animation. Most likely, the gadget will be designed for lovers of books and for business purposes, such as viewing and editing your presentation in PowerPoint.

Note that the display of the Triton was presented by E-Ink is literally a couple of days ago. Touchscreen supports entering as a stylus or fingers. There is a function of "speaking" text-to-speech, dictionaries, as well as a few games, in a press release was not specified.

So, getting free readers is scheduled for February 2011.Model only with Wi-Fi will cost around $ 528, and with Wi-Fi + 3 g – within 574 dollars.Previously people believed that the price of reader may reach $ 440, but these assumptions, as a species, have not been fulfilled.

Clock with microSD card reader

Continuing the theme clock on our blog-hours format microSD card reader from ThinkGeek.

Normal hours can serve not only as kardridera but and completely replace Flash. All you need to insert the memory card format microSD slot, and connect to a PC via a USB port.

Batteries in hours should be sufficient for three years and does not require any kardrideru food. The clock vodostojki and protected against jolts and static electricity.

Compatible gadget with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS 9 and above. Included there is a spare USB cable and instruction, but unfortunately no microSD cards.On the other hand, this gives you the opportunity to choose the required amount of card, not overpay for obviously unnecessary card.

Sold new in ThinkGeek store for $ 15.99.

Luxury phones series Spyder Series from Tonino Lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini's New product, followed by a series CULV notebooks, luxury mobile phones.Of course, the attitude of consumers to these kinds of innovations is appropriate may be somewhat skeptical, but as the saying goes, don't argue about taste.

Release of new phones held in Hong Kong. New line includes six models, S-600, S-610-620, S, S-670, S and s-680-685, each of which will be presented in a special case and accompanied by Tonino Lamborghini branded headset.

As is the case with this kind of news, this line will be placed on the exclusivity and the external data rather than functional. All phones Spyder will be awarded in case of steel 316 l, also known as jewelry steel. Each component of the novelties of the manually;In addition, polishing is also a result of manual work. Model S-670, S and s-680-685 belonging to the higher price categories will receive gold plating. In addition, the new phones will be expensive materials, in particular, the rear panel (s)-670, S and S-680-685 will be decorated with leather.

The functional characteristics, the novelties are unlikely to please the functionality and performance. Spyder series models receive 2.2-inch screens with a resolution of 240 x 320 and 3-megapixel camera that supports the ability to record video in VGA quality.Phones will support GSM/EDGE, but not 3 g.The cost will vary from 1781 to dollar 2813 dollars.