Managed Switches D-Link have been certified Pv6 Ready Core Logo Phase 2

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Company D-Link said that the series switches DGS-3400, DES-3200, DES-3528/52, DGS-3610 series switches and modular DES-7200 successfully passed the certification IPv6 Ready Core Logo Phase 2 from IPv6 Forum.

IPv6 Forum - a global industry alliance whose main activity is to provide implementation and development of technology IPv6. Certification Program IPv6 Ready Logo, an initiative of IPv6 Forum, provides testing equipment for interoperability and compliance protocols. This compared with Phase-1, tested for compliance with IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 provides for the passage of a much larger number of tests.

During the certification IPv6 ready logo Phase-2 Switches DGS-3400, DES-3200, DES-3528/52, DGS-3610 and DES-7200 successfully passed the tests for compliance with all requirements of the IPv6 Forum. It should be noted that this is not the first device in the product line D-Link, the last certified IPv6 ready logo Phase 2. Earlier this certification have received Managed Switch D-Link DGS-3200 series and DGS-3600. Further, D-Link will continue to work towards increasing the number of products with IPv6 support, and their subsequent certification in accordance with the program IPv6 ready logo Phase-2.

According to recent estimates of experts, a resource of free IPv4-addresses on the Internet will be completely exhausted by 2011. To solve this problem was created protocol IPv6, the switch from 32-bit addressing system to a 128-bit. In addition, the IPv6 protocol provides more security, as well as advanced functional network management.

New Pretec - i-Disk Bella II and i-Disk Bulletproof in Russia

Company Pretec introduced to Russia's market continued line of stylish USB drives. In the sales will go to i-Disk Bulletproof capacity of 32 GB and i-Disk Bella II in two versions: 4 GB or 8 GB. This updated version of the company's products, design emphasizes the orientation of the drive or on male or female in the audience. So i-Disk Bella II (4 GB or 8 GB) made in the form of fine feminine pendant with mother of pearl inserts, and i-Disk Bulletproof (32 GB), as its name, and simple and a bit brutal look more suited to category of men's accessories.

Conceptually, the design i-DiskBella II remained unchanged, compared with its previous version, published last fall. It is the same body-slider. Resize (6h24h14 for the previous model). The thickness of the new version of the product - 4 mm. Other dimensions: 26h13 mm. The set, apart from the drive also includes a chain around his neck and key ring with three pendants, figurines. The manufacturer suggests using the drive as a pendant or as a pendant. Packaging can be called a gift: a nice decoration in the form of pinkish-white boxes of cardboard with a glossy finish and window products.

i-Disk Bulletproof has long been known in Russia market and is one of the most successful and popular product in its segment. In order to technically comply with modern needs, Pretec released version of 32 GB. Design still come unscrewed made in the form of a cylindrical structure made of thick metal. Diameter - 17 mm, height - 43 mm. "Bulletproof" was created to be able to save data in extreme conditions, according to Pretec, the drive does not burn in the fire, protected from moisture and is even able to protect the data from a direct hit by a bullet. The very design is equipped with a ring for keys and a carbine. Three variants of packaging: cheaper in the blister, presentable in a black box made of durable cardboard and carton box with window.

Both devices are compatible with USB-interfaces 2.0 and 1.1 drives are equipped with utility UltimateGuard, provides protection from viruses when connected to a computer. Retail value of i-DiskBella II - 1000 rubles for 4 GB and 1500 rubles for the 8 GB. The cost of i-Disk Bulletproof - 4500 rubles.

ASUS Eee PC 1201N will arrive in December, and smartbook ASUS postponed until the second quarter of 2010

Representatives of the British division of the company ASUSTeK Computer confirmed to journalists that the netbook Eee PC 1201N graphics NVIDIA Ion will appear in stores in December this year. It was noted that the 12-inch netbook, will necessarily, but not yet determined the exact specifications.

Thus, the expected emergence of another model, smartbuka ASUS, apparently, is expected only in the second quarter of 2010. Previously, it was expected that production will begin in smartbuka 1 st quarter of 2010. Director General ASUSTeK Jerry Shen (Jerry Shen) spoke publicly about the very promising fiscal costs around $ 180. However, according to the source RegHardware, marketing, Judy Wu (Judy Wu) stated that the exit ASUS Smartbook was postponed until next quarter, for unknown reasons. It will have a screen with a diagonal of 5 to 7 inches and an unknown at the present time the processor. Judy Wu believes the main markets in which Smartbook will be in demand, emerging markets and Asia-Pacific region.

With regard to the Eee PC 1201N, then the official specifications have not yet been confirmed. But from the rumors that have leaked out in October, we can assume that the ultra-PC will be based on 1.6 GHz Intel Atom 330, it will have 3 GB of RAM, hard disk drive 320 GB, as well as wireless modules and Wi-Fi Bluetooth. Netbook will run from 6-cell battery, which will provide an up to 8 hours on a single charge.