Indonesian operator will release the first smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Indonesian operator Indosat is the first, the introduction of a smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, although earlier it was thought that this could be Japanese or Canadian DoCoMo Rogers. Told resource Gajeto. The operator will offer a novelty on Indosat Android Expo 3 - 7 March. It is now possible to make reservations at the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the cost of a smartphone is 6.5 million Indonesian rupees (about $ 695). Pre-order period will end on February 28, then the device will cost almost 7 million Indonesian rupees (about $ 750).

Interestingly, Indosat plans to launch its own store of applications, in addition to the Android Market. However, it is not clear what applications will be there - only for the Android platform, or for other mobile operating systems, too. Recall, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - this is the first smartphone based operating system Android. It is made in the form factor besklaviaturnogo monoblock with 4-inch touch screen and is equipped with 8 Mp camera.

Release of the Nokia 6216 classic with NFC support is canceled

The company canceled the Nokia release of its third mobile devices with support for contactless communication NFC - 6216 classic. This model was announced in April last year. It was to become the first NFC phone Nokia, working on the basis of the protocol Single Wire Protocol (SWP), which implements the interaction between the NFC chip and SIM card. By the way, contactless payment services in the standard plans to develop the Chinese operator China Unicom. The Nokia 6216 classic has been out in the third quarter of last year, but this did not happen. And now the company Nokia has confirmed that the issue really canceled.

As the resource NFC World referring to the vice-president of Nokia Mark Selby (Mark Selby), the company decided not to release Nokia 6216 classic, because the market is not yet ready for mobile phones with support for SWP and are unlikely to demand for such a device will be high. By the way, we have already mentioned in the news that the company Visa, is not waiting for the mass introduction of NFC in mobile phones, has decided to build such chips in the memory card microSD.

NVIDIA GeForce PC Kit - computer classes "do it yourself" on a global manufacturer of graphics

Known that the world computer brands are doing everything to expand its product range, expand into new market segments. Is no exception and one of the leading suppliers of graphics company NVIDIA, already provide their own mobile platform Tegra and Ion with a sufficiently powerful integrated GPU. Their functionality includes not only support high-definition video, and advanced gaming experience.

Now, NVIDIA has decided to compete with PC manufacturers, providing a product called GeForce PC Kit. Indeed, novelty is a computer system, such as "do it yourself" and allows the user to assemble a sufficiently powerful desktop under the brand of NVIDIA for gaming and multimedia tasks.

According to the manufacturer, the decision GeForce PC Kit includes everything needed for self-build PC with the graphics subsystem of world class. Among the components of this "samosbornogo the computer is the processor Intel Pentium E5300, RAM DDR2 in 2 GB and a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT. In addition, there is 3.5-inch SATA hard disk capacity of 250 GB with rotational speed of 7200 rpm and the power supply capacity of 500 watts.

As a "home computer" serves high-quality housing Cooler Master Elite 334 NVIDIA Edition, a platform for this system has a motherboard MSI G31TM-P21 with two slots for memory modules DDR2 DIMM slot and one PCI-Express expansion under the graphics card. Due chipset Intel G31, which is based on this motherboard, the user has a choice between using discrete or integrated graphics.

The kit NVIDIA GeForce PC Kit also includes complete instructions for building a computer system, a screwdriver and all the necessary tools. To facilitate the assembly process, the manufacturing company has already set the CPU and cooler to the motherboard and the system includes a keyboard and mouse from Microsoft. The cost of NVIDIA GeForce PC Kit has not yet mentioned, although experts believe it could make about $ 500.

NVIDIA launches GeForce GT adapters 340, GT 330 and GT 320 for OEM manufacturers

NVIDIA Corporation has decided to renew its line of GeForce 300, which includes models for OEM manufacturers of computer systems, three new products. New items were named GeForce GT 340, GT 330 and GT 320 and represent the solutions based on 40 nm chips GT21x (possibly, GT215), equipped with technology to support DirectX 10.1.

For example, the adapter GeForce GT 340 is essentially a renamed version of the model GeForce GT 240 and has 96 stream processors, 128-bit memory bus, plus 512 MB or 1 GB of memory GDDR3 (in various versions). The system interfaces GeForce GT 340 includes a video output D-Sub, DVI and HDMI, but clock speeds are equal to the accelerator 550, 1340 and 1700 MHz for the GPU, shader, and memory, respectively.

In turn, the video card GeForce GT 330 has received several modifications. It can be equipped with 96 or 112 processor cores and 128-bit, 192-bit or 256-bit memory bus means on board the accelerator can attend 1 or 2 GB. Clock speeds for the GPU, shader, and memory are 500-550/1250-1340/500-800 MHz, respectively, in different models.

Finally, the graphics accelerator GeForce GT 320 is on board the 72 stream processors, 1 GB of memory with 128-bit interface and video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. Frequency characteristics of video card are equal to 540, 1302 and 790 MHz for the GPU, shader, and memory, respectively.

Present a series of graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 on PAX East in late March

NVIDIA Corporation has announced its intention to submit its long-awaited series, GeForce GTX 400 at the event PAX East, which will be held in late March in the U.S. Boston. Thus, NVIDIA confirmed the previously published information, according to which the release of graphics cards GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470 can take place on 27 or 29 March of this year.

Recall, these cards have become the first decisions NVIDIA, related to the generation of Fermi and built on the basis of the chip GF100. In addition, GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470 are likely to be the first products of the company from Santa Clara, obtaining the support of advanced technology DirectX 11.

At the same time, it became known that the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470 have already appeared in price lists online store SabrePC. According to published data, these adapters are created by companies XFX and PNY and got 512 stream processors, as well as 2 and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory, respectively.

It is interesting that the earlier rumor implies that the accelerator GeForce GTX 470 only 448 processing cores, and not 512 as stated on the website SabrePC. According to information driven, the cost of graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470 is 680 and 500 dollars respectively.

SanDisk Ultra SDXC capacity of 64 GB - the most capacious SD card from SanDisk

SanDisk Corporation announced the immediate availability Card SanDisk Ultra SDXC capacity of 64 GB - the most capacious SD card in the history of the company. SanDisk Ultra SDXC meets Class 4 speed rating that guarantee a sustained read rate of 15 Mb / s and allows us not only to record and store high-definition video 1080p, but quickly transmit such data to the computer.

Maps SDXC developed on the basis of new technology SD 3.0, which allows cards up to 2 terabytes. ExFAT file system provides the ability to record long videos in high definition (HD). On the map SanDisk Ultra SDXC capacity of 64 GB can store more than 8 hours of video in this format.

Technology SD 3.0 is currently supported by a small number of devices, whose number is steadily growing. Thus, at the recent CES, Canon has announced that all new VIXIA family of camcorders and PowerShot cameras will be compatible with cards SDXC. Widespread SDXC format also promises to get well on devices such as HDTV and Blu-ray players, camcorders, cameras, mobile phones, navigation systems and computers. SDXC format also supported by the SanDisk ImageMate card readers and can be used for reading maps SDXC in if you are running an operating system with support for exFAT.

Memory Card SanDisk Ultra SDXC capacity of 64 GB available for order in the official online store at SanDisk. The recommended price is $ 349.99. In the retail chains in Europe and the U.S. the device will appear shortly.

16-inch gaming notebook from MSI GE600 CPU Intel Core i5 and graphics to ATI Radeon HD

Company Micro-Star International (MSI) presented a gaming notebook GE600. This model with 16-inch display, built on the new productive processors Intel Core i5. Process high-end graphics and high-definition video helps a powerful discrete graphics card ATI Radeon HD5730, and add a game or movie quality sound technology allows SRS Premium Sound. Besides, the laptop does not only dynamics but also a subwoofer, plus audio 7.1. Make notes as exciting design innovations: a glossy coating Color Film Print in black on the lid, the area for the palms next to the touchpad golden color and silver finish on the edges. Notebook MSI GE600 can work in a special mode Cinema Pro, which provides the best image quality, making the picture more vivid and detailed.

MSI GE600 Specifications:

* Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium
* Processor Intel Core i5
Chipset Intel HM55
* Graphics ATI Radeon HD5730 with 1 GB of video memory
* 16-inch HD display
* Hard disk capacity 250/320/500 GB, SATA
* 4 in 1 card reader (XD / SD / MMC / Memory Stick)
* Ports - HDMI, D-sub, USB 2.0h3, e-SATA, mic, headphones, RJ-45/RJ-11
* 6/9-elementny battery
* Wireless - Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / draft n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
* Web camera 720p
* 2 speakers and subwoofer
* Dimension - 374x246x26 ,8-35 mm
* Weight - 2.7 kg

AMD 890GX chipset can be submitted as early as next week

According to the Turkish resource DonanimHaber, the company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) plans to submit its latest chipset 890GX early as next week, namely on March 1. This chipset should be the first in a new line of chipsets AMD 8 Series, followed by other solutions.

AMD 890GX chipset is designed to interface with processors in the performance of AM3, including, obviously, and with powerful shestiyadernikami Thuban. In addition, it has integrated graphics-class ATI Radeon HD 4200 technology to support DirectX 10.1. AMD also intends to release another chipset in the new line - 880G, equipped with a built-in video processor Radeon HD 4250. Debut of AMD 880G be held on April 26.

Among other things, AMD intends to present in the line 8 Series two chipset without integrated graphics core - high-end model and the 890FX chipset AMD 870, designed for the mass market. Also reported that all motherboards built on AMD next generation should be "innate" support high-speed Interface SATA 6.0 Gbps. And the first of these motherboards can appear already at the Hanover trade fair CeBIT 2010.

R2 MC 430 and MC 500 R2 - New navigators Pocket Navigator

GPS navigator Pocket Navigator MC-430 R2 and Pocket Navigator MC-500 R2 have a diagonal screen 4.3 inches and 5 inches respectively. As the company, a number of other devices market for GPS devices models stand out with a stylish body, whose thickness is only 12 millimeters. Devices equipped with a full map of Russia (Tele Atlas) for AVTOSPUTNIK with full support of all online services.

Built-in Bluetooth DUN allows you to connect to a mobile phone and receive the "cork" from the Internet by GPRS, EDGE or 3G, as well as use any online services AVTOSPUTNIK, including monitoring, update maps and POI, much more. The module is also used for hands-free communication when talking on the telephone, and Internet access via built-in Internet browser.

Each navigator series Pocket Navigator MC R2 is equipped with 64-channel GPS-receiver Sirf Atlas IV, Atlas IV 500MHz processor, has 128 MB RAM, 2 GB of internal memory, can read memory cards microSD. Is possible to play MP3 and MP4 files, view JPEG and TXT files. Built-in FM-transmitter allows the use of full-time audio system for listening to music, and themselves navigators are stereo (3.5 mm) headphone jack. Through 5 games logical, navigators can easily turn into a toy for drivers and passengers.

Microsoft and Amazon have concluded a patent agreement

Microsoft announced the conclusion of Amazon with a cross-license agreement. This document stipulates that both companies will have access to a limited portfolio of patents to each other. In particular, Amazon could use its Readers Amazon Kindle development at Microsoft. The agreement also involves hardware and software platforms Amazon servers based on Linux Specific terms of the agreement are confidential, but Microsoft notes that Amazon would pay her a certain sum, which were not disclosed.

Microsoft's licensing program was launched in December 2003. During this time the company signed over 600 licensing agreements and continues to develop programs that are used by other companies. In recent years, Microsoft has signed similar agreements with other leading companies, including Apple, HP, LG Electronics, Nikon, Novell, Samsung Electronics and several others.

Sony at PMA 2010: The concept of a compact camera with interchangeable lenses and other plans of the company

On the following in the United States exhibition of photographic PMA 2010, Sony has introduced its prototype of a compact digital camera with interchangeable lenses, which will be equipped with the new Exmor APS HD CMOS (CMOS) sensor and is capable of Full HD video footage to a format AVCHD.

This novelty will be one of the representatives of the company product line under the brand name α and, as a promising manufacturer, will be available later this year.

Furthermore, the words of the company, she will expand the line of interchangeable lenses for its digital SLR cameras, whose line of seven hundred mid-level and top-end - NINE, filled with new models.

Samsung at PMA 2010: Hi-End ultra-compact camera with a lens aperture

South Korean company Samsung Electronics on passing now in the suburbs of Los Angeles - Anaheim exhibition PMA 2010, showed its top-end model 10 MP digital compact camera - EX1 (in North America - TL500), which, with the words producer, is the flagship model of its new compact cameras .

The main advantage of EX1 - a 24 mm wide-aperture lens, whose value (lumens - f/1.8) is precisely of the "button" new items, which rendered even the front panel, where producers had put the number of megapixels or a multiplicity of zoom lens. The new lens and high 1/1.7 "CCD (CCD) sensor, as the manufacturer, allow to take photographs in environments with low illumination (maximum ISO 3200 at full resolution), where the" help "you can also call and a system of dual image stabilization. Complementing all of this "lively" now turning AMOLED display that has high brightness and contrast, wide viewing angles and high energy efficiency, thereby enabling longer battery save and make more photos.

Other specifications of Samsung EX1 (TL500):

  • Sensor: 1 / 1, 7 "CCD (CCD), a resolution of 10 MP
  • Lens: Schneider KREUZNACH, f/1.8; with a 3-fold optical zoom
  • Display: rotating 3-inch, AMOLED
  • Support for shooting in RAW format
  • Supports video resolution of 640x480, 30 frames per second. / H.264
  • System of dual image stabilization
  • Manual operation modes A / S / M
  • Management through the ring on the lens

At the North American market new arrive this spring for $ 449.99

Lenovo laptops faster processor Intel Core i7

Update model series ultraportable laptops, Lenovo had been planned long ago. And those who awaited him, have not been disappointed with the result: a model laptops have a noticeable "speed" - set CPU Intel Core i7. Boast upgrades were 17-inch notebooks classic ThinkPad W701 and W701ds (dual screen), as well as ultra-model ThinkPad X201, X201s Notebook and Tablet ThinkPad X201t. However, as stated in the press release, the model of ThinkPad X201 has become "the fastest Ultra-laptop".

Of course, this is solely about Turbo Boost mode is enabled on a laptop with a processor Core i7-620M of the instruments of the frequency 2.66 GHz. To achieve speeds higher than those of competitors managed because not used versions of processors Core i5 and Core i7 with decreased power consumption, and their "full" version. That is, paying for speed has become less time. Although we can not say that the model H201 and H201s work much less unique: 9-cell battery that provides up to them to 11 and 12 hours respectively. This is not to say that much weight by laptops - weight remained within 1,13 - 1,3 kg.

Separately, it is worth mentioning notebook-transformer ThinkPad X201t, which possesses not only the processor Core i7, but the screen with the module installed Wacom, as well as supports multitouch input. Its characteristics time work are not called, but we know that as well as other models of 201-series graphics card he received the Intel HD. Optionally offered 3G/WiMAX wireless communications module, Bluetooth adapter and screen for working outdoors.

Notebooks with 17-inch screens ThinkPad W701 and W701ds can become a complete substitute for a personal computer. They offered processors Intel Core i7-820QM and Core i7-920 Extreme, along with the graphics adapter NVIDIA Quadro FX series 2800 and 3800. Laptop ThinkPad W701ds distinguished by the second screen, who is emerging from beneath the first. Performance data systems is very high, but to call them laptops is rather difficult. In the sale of notebooks ThinkPad W701, W701ds, X201, X201s and X201t arrive in early March, and their cost will be $ 1 199 $ 1 599 $ 1 549 $ 2 199 and $ 3 799 respectively.

Moblic E7 - Internet-plate table in the slider form-factor

Among demonstrated at the exhibition MWC 2010 held last week in Barcelona were and Internet tablets. Including and E7, developed by Moblic. Quite an attractive device with a 4-inch touch screen with WVGA resolution and hardware QWERTY-keyboard, performed in the form factor side slider. However, the characteristics of the model in the demonstration were not called, does not indicate that even such frequency processor. Specification was announced just now on the official site of the model.

Tablet Moblic E7 is based on a processor with 600 MHz, has 256 MB of RAM and 8 GB of built-in flash media, as well as an expansion slot for memory cards format microSD. Depending on demand device can be equipped with wireless modules Wi-Fi 802.11b / g and WiMAX 802.16e. Bluetooth and 3G connectivity model does not support - Web surfing is possible only in the coverage area Wi-Fi/WiMAX. As pointed out by the creators, tablet Moblic E7 beyond the possibilities of work in the Internet can play music, videos, run two-and three-dimensional gaming applications. Used operating system is not called, but the 2000 mAh battery promises quite a long time.

On the timing of marketing, sales region, and the cost model have not been announced.

Cameras SIGMA DP1x, SIGMA DP2s and SIGMA SD15 from Sigma Corporation

If the main theme of last week was the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, then this week, major news is expected from the photo exhibition PMA 2010. So the company Sigma Corporation has announced an upgrade of its DP Series and output DSLRs SIGMA SD15.

Compact camera SIGMA DP1x is replacing the model DP1, which was introduced in March 2008. The idea of the model was the use of technology tsifrozerkalnyh vehicles in the compact upper class. DP1x implements the same principle - it is equipped with a graphics processor TRUE II, the same as installed in the chambers Sigma DP2 and SD15s mirror. The new graphics processor reduces the image processing, has a new AF algorithm, providing greater speed. In addition, the user interface has been unified with a series of DP2, by changing the settings menu and the introduction of a button QS (Quick Setup).

Like SIGMA DP1x is the successor of DP1, camera SIGMA DP2s replaces DP2, submitted in April 2009. This model is distinguished by the use of 14-megapixel matrix FOVEON X3 with three layers (resolution 2652 x 1768 x 3 layers). Differences from the earlier models are modified autofocus, power saving mode and reworked the rear panel, which, according to developers, makes it easy to work with the camera. In addition, the camera comes with the program SIGMA Photo Pro4.0, allowing to optimize the processing of images taken with this model, and proposes a whole range of additional accessories (viewfinders, adapters, etc.).

DSLRs SIGMA SD15 is a typical representative of his class in a fairly large, but ergonomic. She also has a matrix FOVEON X3, which allows the exact transfer all shades of RGB colors at each pixel has three layers. In stock and GPU TRUE II, accelerating the processing of the images. The camera supports SD-memory card formats and has a 3-inch LCD screen with improved visibility in the sun. There are 77-segment AE sensor and AFE, and the lifetime of the shutter is determined in 100 000 positives.

Two new secure digital compact camera from Samsung

South Korean company Samsung Electronics has announced the replenishment of its product line of compact digital cameras a couple of new models of protected - it is waterproof WP10 (for the North American market - AQ100) and dust and ES37 (SL605).

Samsung WP10 (AQ100) differ little in thickness, the possibility to use it in the water at a depth of up to 3 meters, and due to the high sensitivity of the sensor with the words producer, to take pictures in low lighting. Among other features of the new items indicated the presence of her 2.7-inch LCD display, set automatic modes and possibilities to HD-video footage (720p).

Brief specifications of Samsung WP10 (AQ100):

  • The sensor resolution of 12 MP
  • Lens Samsung with a 5-fold optical zoom
  • Display: 2.7-inch swivel, TFT, resolution 230 thousand points
  • Support video in HD resolution (1280x720p), 30 frames per second. / H.264
  • Ability to dive camera to a depth of 3 meters
  • Set of automatic (Smart) regimes
  • Dimensions: 94h60h17, 8 mm

At the North American market new arrive this spring for $ 199.99

12 megapixel model Samsung ES37 (SL605), as claimed by Samsung, was designed to further its operation in harsher conditions, for which, strictly speaking, the camera body has a special proprietary coating to protect it from scratches, usually appearing in the daily use of technology. In addition, the main point of entry of dust, dirt and sand - the belly button and the area adjacent to the 2.7-inch LCD display, covered with an additional rubber layer.

In addition to long-lasting use, users who purchased ES37, get in their own hands "27-mm wide angle lens with a 5-fold optical zoom, as well as several automatic modes and possibilities to filming in VGA resolution.

At the North American market, Samsung SL605 (ES37) arrive in the spring of this year at $ 129.99

LG X200 and LG T280 officially. South Korea

Last Monday, the company LG has introduced its Netbook and ultraportable notebook officially. So far, though only on your home, the Korean market. Model T280 is the first CULV-device and may be based on dual-core Pentium with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo. In any case, the model has a 11.6-inch display. Production company, unlike most competitors do not indicate the battery life as the most obvious advantage of energy-saving systems, but emphasizes the lightness and compactness of a laptop, weighing less than 1.4 kg, and the thickness in the "oversized" place - 30 , 5 mm. However, none of these indicators is not a record for CULV-notebooks.

LG T280 has 2 GB of RAM, integrated graphics adapter Intel GMA 4500 and the module 802.11n Wi-Fi. Dictates the choice of the processor in this model and the choice of the drive: for versions of the Pentium is a 320 GB hard drive, whereas with the Core 2 Duo processor is 500 GB HDD. In Korea, LG notebooks can be purchased at the price of 990 or 1100 dollars. On delivery dates for other markets and the value they are not reported.

Netbook x200 is more common device, which differs from similar devices unless the design, which comes in a fashionable jet - corners noticeably rounded hull. The model is based on the platform Intel Pine Trail, has a 1.66 GHz processor series Atom, 1 GB of RAM and GMA 3150 graphics adapter. There is a 250 GB hard drive and wireless module and Wi-Fi 802.11n. The device weighs 1.2 kg. In Korea, the LG X200 netbook will cost the equivalent of $ 642. On shipments to other markets have not been announced, but it is known that the device has been certified by FCC.

Phone Alcatel OT-808 - the top as powder-box, inside a netbook

Most recently submitted devaysov under the brand Alcatel were entry-level devices. Phone Alcatel OT-808 a little beyond the budget phone for at least the part that relates to design.

Phone OT-808 with netbuchnym "design has a QWERTY keyboard, 2.4-inch QVGA internal display and 1.1-inch external monochrome OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 36 pixels, Bluetooth 2.0, FM radio, megapixel camera and supports dual-band GSM.

Shipping Alcatel OT-808 phone from the top like a powder box and inside on the netbook, will cost $ 125.