Package iLife'11 Family Pack spotted in Amazon

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In the online store Amazon was seen software package iLife'11 Family Pack, its cost is $ 99. And, as it turned out, this position has been there for several weeks. True, it's not about the immediate purchase, and the preliminary order. At the moment when a message appears iLife'11 in online sales now out of print over the network, his page was removed from Amazon. It is possible that this proposal came to the site by mistake, since the announcement of the software from Apple is still ahead.

It was assumed that the announcement iLife'11 on 7 August, but this did not happen. Recall, iLife - a suite of applications to work with multimedia - photos, videos, sound, and so on. According to rumors, the new version iLife'11 all applications will be 64-bit, you'll see improved integration with social networks, the designer of web sites will be updated iWeb, iDVD and the application will be deleted. And finally, there will be new, unknown software.

ASUS U53JC-XX127V - "Bamboo" notebook with support for USB 3.0 and Intel Wireless Display

ASUSTeK Computer Company prepares to release a new version of the notebook ASUS U53JC from the collection of Bamboo. 15.6-inch model U53JC-XX127V enclosed in a housing with a lid and a stand for hands, made in bamboo. Resolution of the display is 1366 x 768 pixels. The laptop is built on 2.4 GHz processor Intel Core i5-450M and is running an operating system, Windows 7 Home Premium. Of the features of the device may acknowledge the support of such innovative technologies, such as USB 3.0 and Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) for wireless transmission of content, including video from the laptop to the TV using Wi-Fi.

Also equipped with the ASUS U53JC graphics NVIDIA GeForce 310M c 1 GB of video memory and support of technology Optimus, 4 GB of RAM, hard disk drive with 320 GB wireless adapter, Wi-Fi 802.11n and Gigabit Ethernet. And the optical drive him able to play DVDs Blu-ray, although their record he can not. Among other things, the novelty has a card reader 5-in-1, high-quality sound SRS Premium Surround Sound and 8-cell battery. A major OS platform complements the fast loading Express Gate. Cost ASUS U53JC be 999 euros.

LIFEBOOK T580 expands its Tablet PC

Fujitsu has introduced a new full-featured notebook convertible LIFEBOOK T580 with a 10.1-inch screen. As the producer, a compact, lightweight, inexpensive LIFEBOOK T580 combines the functionality of a laptop, tablet and traditional experience of Fujitsu in the development convertible PC.

LIFEBOOK T580 company Fujitsu - positioned as a flexible alternative to the traditional tablet PC. He has less response time due to a more powerful processor and more practical for daily use due to the availability of a keyboard, two connectors USB, card reader SD, and SmartCard, webcams and outputs for VGA and HDMI display.

LIFEBOOK T580 weighs 1.4 kg and has a touch screen that rotates in two directions, making new easily transforms from notebook into tablet. As a result, users have a set of features a touch screen, including the multi-touch technology with support for the four points of contact, 14 different gestures management, as well as the function of double clicking, scrolling, zoom in, rotate the image. Double digitizer provides accuracy and sensitivity to pressure at work with a stylus, and the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 recognizes handwriting in 26 languages and voice commands.

LIFEBOOK T580 equipped with a module 3G/UMTS in conjunction with the GPS receiver (option), it provides support for wireless networking and Bluetooth. Processor Technology Intel Core (up to Intel Core i5) ensures fast data processing. You can also mark up to 4 GB of RAM DDR3, 128 GB SSD or hard drive capacity up to 500 GB. The functions include security Biometric fingerprint sensor, and solution of Fujitsu Advanced Theft Protection. The first deliveries LIFEBOOK T580 scheduled for late November.

The unannounced of player Sony Walkman NWZ-S754 with OLED display

At IFA 2010 at the Sony booth journalists discovered the player had not yet announced a series of Walkman. They were able to consider it in the menu was found the name of the device - Sony Walkman NWZ-S754. In view of this decision a good average, its display, obviously, made on technology OLED. Underneath the buttons in the form of "Mickey Mouse" - design decision, when two small buttons are located on either side of the central largest in its upper part and overlay. This design is typical for a number of players, Walkman.

Was presented the silver and black model. In the menu of both of them managed to find mention of internal memory - 8 GB. It is not clear whether the version of the player with another vessel. Apparently, this player - the heir already released Sony Walkman NWZ-S745. Especially since they are similar in design (only new items corners more rounded). In this case, the predecessor was a 16 GB version, so a Sony Walkman NWZ-S754 is also possibly available. It is not clear. when the novelty will go on sale.

Samsung HMX-T10 - a compact Full HD camcorder with tilting lens

Samsung Electronics Company presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show IFA 2010 video camera high definition HMX-T10. Novelty is equipped with a lens with a slope of 20 degrees - this solution reduces the load on the wrist while shooting, allowing the owner to remove the camera for longer without experiencing discomfort.

Camera shoots video with a maximum resolution of Full HD and makes 4.7-megapixel still images. Built-in optical stabilizer helps prevent blurred images due to vibration or shake hands when shooting. Novelty is equipped with a CMOS matrix inverse backlit, which captures more light than conventional sensors. Such a matrix allows you to shoot high quality video even in low light conditions.

Samsung HMX-T10 1080P Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Black)

In addition, the camera is equipped with the Intelligent Auto mode Smart Auto and quite a large touchscreen, which is convenient to not only view but also edit your footage. Finally, HMX-T10 comes with intelli-studio 2.0 for managing video files and editing records.

Features of Samsung HMX-T10:

    * The Matrix - 5.1 megapixels (effective - 2.07 megapixels), CMOS reverse illumination (BSI)
    * Lens - F1.8, 10-fold zoom
    * Display - 2.7-inch touch screen, 230 thousand pixels
    * Video resolution - 1920 x 1080 / 60i
    * A photo - 4.7 megapixels
    * Image Stabilizer - Optical
    * Dimensions - 54 x 56,5 x 115,5 mm
    * Memory - Slot for SD / SDHC card

MSI WindBOX III - silent, energy-efficient mini-computer

Company Micro-Star International introduced the model MSI WindBOX III (MS-9A35). It is a compact solution for embedded systems. In using the VESA mounting it can be mounted on a wall or screen, rear screen. He has very low power consumption and silent operation, as it has no fan and uses passive cooling. In this case, MSI WindBOX III supports 1080p high-definition video and 3D graphics. The model is based on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and chipset, Intel GS45 ICH9M, and also supports up to 4 GB of RAM DDR2.

In addition, MSI WindBOX III supports wireless WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth and is equipped with video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. That is, you can connect two independent display. There are also ports 6hUSB 2.0 2hCOM, and two slot mini-PCIe. So far no reports on the value of this new product, but it seems to have already sold.

Ricoh CX4 - handy camera for every day

Launched worldwide sales of new versions of the popular compact Ricoh Series CX. 10 MP model CX4 kept a miniature 29 mm body, wide angle lens and a number of other features of its predecessors. The main feature of the new camera has advanced image stabilization mode, which allows better images in low light conditions or in extreme close.

Lens with 10.7 x optical zoom and a wide range of equivalent focal lengths (28 to 300 mm) handles both wide-angle, ideal for landscapes and spaces with limited distance between the camera and the object, and of shooting as close.

ISO speed may vary depending on shooting conditions ranging from 100 to 3200. In addition to the new image processor Smooth Imaging Engine IV logic added to the algorithm output interpolated pixels, reducing the lack of detail in dark areas of photos. Advanced Auto White Balance mode allows you to recreate the natural colors when shooting in mixed light (sunlight and shade, flash and natural light).

At Ricoh CX4 great emphasis is placed on to make the camera more comfortable for everyday use. Even the body design changed for more convenience: due to the rounded edges of the device is easily removed in the pocket. Not to mention the abundance of functions and special regimes designed for both novice and advanced amateur photographer.

Provide high-speed consecutive shooting (about 5 frames per second) to record HD-video with 1280 x 720 pixels, macro (as close as 1 cm in wide angle mode, or from 28 cm in the "telephoto"), expanding the dynamic range of a double photograph (HDR ) and high-contrast black and white mode.

New CX4 equipped with a large three-inch LCD high resolution 920,000 pixels and 100% color. Solid fluorine coating protects against dirt and scratches, and anti-reflective coating provides excellent visibility even in bright sunlight. To store images using an SD card and SDHC, as well as 86 MB of internal memory.

Printer HP eStation C510 with removable tablet

The site of Hewlett-Packard had discovered an intriguing page for a new printer HP eStation C510 (then it was deleted). This device is interesting because it comes with a removable tablet TouchSmart with 7-inch touch screen. It connects to the printer wirelessly and allows for touch control over the printer, as well as search for electronic books, magazines and other content for print. It is assumed that another name for this unusual printer - HP eStation Zeus.

The website of the company almost nothing was reported about the characteristics of the device. It is assumed that the tablet is running an operating system Android 2.1. While it is not known what other functions he has and whether he can access the Internet or only works with the home network. The cost of HP eStation C510, as indicated by the manufacturer's website is $ 399.99. It is not clear when the novelty will go on sale.

Symbian cmartfon Nokia E7 with touchscreen and QWERTY - Announcement on Nokia World

According to the Reuters news agency referring directly to two sources familiar with the plans of the company Nokia, smartphone Nokia E7 announcement will take place Sept. 14 at the event Nokia World. It is assumed that the device is running the operating system Symbian ^ 3 and is made in the slider with a touchscreen and sliding QWERTY keyboard. Perhaps the novelty resembles Nokia N9, only on a different operating system instead of MeeGo.

It is worth noting that photos and video devices, which may be Nokia E7, have already appeared in the global network. Although, according to other sources - this is the aforementioned Nokia N9 or some kind of model (we wrote about this in the news). Then enumerated some characteristics of the apparatus, including an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, front camera, display resolution 640h360 pixels and cellular UMTS (850/1900 MHz). And yet, whether this informal information to Nokia E7 or other device can be accurately learn about a week.

Cayman XT graphics card new series of ATI Radeon HD 6000

In the network appeared "live" picture card from a new series of AMD Southern Islands (Radeon HD 6000). This model is based on the graphic chip Cayman XT, she will receive a business name of Radeon HD 6870 or HD 6970. Interestingly, the photo can still see the logo ATI, though, as we have already mentioned, AMD intends to abandon it. Whatever it was, presented a picture can tell a lot about the adapter. It is evident that he is dvuhslotovym solution with one GPU and one fan.

In addition, the video card has two PCIe power connector and two connectors CrossFireX, which allows her to work in the mode Quad CrossFireX. Among the remaining slots - two DVI, one HDMI and two mini-DisplayPort. That is, one can carry ukoritel output images directly to the five monitors. Thus, while nothing is known about the characteristics of GPU Cayman XT, except that this processor is made in compliance with rules of 40 nm manufacturing process.

iPod touch has the function shakes with video call

Not so long ago, Apple announced a new model of media player iPod touch. One of its major innovations have front camera and the camera on the back side with a video recording 720p. The user can communicate with their friends on video chat FaceTime via wireless Wi-Fi. And now it became known that the iPod touch now has a vibrating alert. Vibration will be accompanied by an incoming call by FaceTime - this is mentioned on this site Apple.

At first, when the page was found, the discoverers suggested that the text - just insert to the page with a description of opportunities communicator iPhone. However, usually such errors are corrected, if information about them at odds on the world network, but the page iPod touch has remained unchanged. Curious fans of Apple decided to find out exactly whether or not the new iPod touch and vibration motor is carefully studied the documentation on the website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The photo of the new components of the iPod touch has been found that very vibro motors.

We recall, among other innovations, the media player - Display Retina c-resolution 960x640 pixels, the processor Apple A4 and a very small thickness - a little more than 7 mm. His deliveries have already begun.

Graphics Card EVGA GeForce GTS 450 SuperClocked - graphics card with factory overclocking

The network has information on that EVGA company next week will present two of its options once the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450. One model uses the frequency of inflow discharges, while the other - higher, that is, it will SuperClocked accelerator with a factory overclocked. Graphics Card EVGA GeForce GTS 450 SC 192 receives core CUDA, 1 GB of GDDR5 memory and 128-bit memory interface, and clock speeds of the core, shader and memory amount to 882, 1764 and 3800 MHz respectively. For comparison, the reference design values - 783/1566/3608 MHz.

As for cooling, the solution EVGA uses a fan and the radiator in the form of a disk with ribs, located on the radial, in contrast to the reference model, where they are placed spirally. Do graphics adapter EVGA GeForce GTS 450 SuperClocked also has support for DirectX 11 technology and corporate development of NVIDIA-PhysX, CUDA and 2-way SLI (for a joint work of several video cards). According to the source, a novelty will be presented next Monday, and its cost will be $ 154.