Nokia 5800 to replace the display capacitive?

Friday, April 17, 2009

According to DigiTimes, the traditional reference to insider sources, the company Nokia is preparing a replacement of the touch panel of the Smartphone 5800. At this time, the device uses a resistive screen, and Nokia plans to release an updated modified with capacitive screens. He is considered to be more comfortable with the touch by a finger, without the aid of a stylus.

The first order Nokia to capacitive touch screens for Smartphone 5800 is 2 million units. The source said that the new version of Nokia 5800 will go on sale in May and June of this year. Also, capacitive display will be equipped with new smartphones Nokia, they will go on sale in the third quarter, said DigiTimes. Among these models will be single and thin device with QWERTY-keyboard.

Fujitsu has developed a high-speed system for biometric authentication in the palm veins

Japanese company Fujitsu today announced the creation of her, as she claims, the world's first biometric authentication system for moving the hand veins. While the technology of authentication veins is not new, the company, as already noted above, managed to create the first such high-speed system that would perform the audit, even without pre-fixation of the hand on the sensor - it is just a millisecond to capture images palms. Despite such a short time, the precision measurement of all parameters of the biometric system is not inferior to previous versions of its slower, which in turn makes it possible to authenticate even the motion of the hand.

For a new system of biometric authentication manufacturer has developed a new prototype of the scanner, which applies a high-speed shutter to capture images, as well as a new method of their capture, which consists in the application of two key technologies:

  • High-speed image capture system to protect against blur images
  • Technology extract the best image from a series of frames

Set out to commercialize this technology, the company Fujitsu will continue to address the technical side of this issue of how to decrease the dimensions of the device, and its price.

Nokia N86: the best mobile version of TIPA

The company Nokia announced that after a few months after its announcement mobile phone N86, it has been awarded a prestigious award in association TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) as the best mobile device 2009, which assessed the jury in terms of photographic opportunities. And among these "fotovozmozhnostey" N86 has 8 MP camera, wide angle lens Carl Zeiss Tessar, Geoteggi support, as well as the ability to download photos in different social networks and services.

Recall that the association TIPA at several magazines, which were highlighted in the pages of their photo equipment. In versions of these specialized journals that are members of the association, to test various fotoustroystva and input / output images, resulting in a time of the year declared the best products in Europe. In evaluating the devices are taken into consideration parameters such as innovation, advanced technology, design, ergonomics, ease of use, as well as price and performance.

Kyocera introduced the prototype of a flexible mobile phone EOS

The company Kyocera has demonstrated a prototype of an unusual mobile phone Kyocera EOS. It is equipped with a flexible display, with the back of the coated polymer. The display can be folded, in this case on the rear side of visible buttons. Thus, the size of the device may vary: folded it is compact and resembles purses, as in the expansion - the device is quite large and has a widescreen display to the whole surface.

Also, an interesting feature of EOS is the way to his charge. Using microscopic piezoelectric elements of the kinetic energy produced in the interaction with the user's phone number is converted into electric power. Thus, the more is used, the more he is charged. Reported that Kyocera is planning to release a commercial product based on this prototype as soon as its development will be completed.

Video Ciphone WM 5 Phone iPhone clone

Ciphone WM 5 Phone is actually a shameless copy of our beloved melafonino.

This clone dell'iPhone has 256 MB of space (far from our 8 / 16 GB), a screen 3.2 inches (3.5 on the Apple iPhone), a GPS chip, Wi-Fi and EDGE (no 3G).

Here's the video:

How to blog with your voice on the iPhone

Audioboo is an 'audio blogging application that lets you send voice recordings by' iPhone.. ... A great tool to accelerate the work of journalists and reporters on the street.

We could define the sound as twitter, instead of sending 140 characters of text you send sound and voice (s boo).

L 'application is simple and functional: enter and upload the audio files on the website of AudioBoo. The website linked to your account back to the position from which you sent the Boo and the audio file you've shared with the community.

Here is a demonstration video about the program.

Turns your iPhone into a touch-tone keypad roundabout

iRotaryDialer turns your iPhone into a touch-tone keypad very popular many years ago when there was all this technology and numbers had to remind mind.

Supports sound authentic, 4 keyboards and telefonata perfect.

Price 0.79 euros

Samsung momentum in the market of mobile phones

The company Samsung has announced the launch of its promotions "Samsung Mobile Live" in several countries worlds. The essence of this campaign is to "live" by presenting their products and opportunities to consumers to try the product first hand and learn about all the features of phones Samsung. In this way, the company hopes to enter into contact with the consumer and to establish a loyal attitude, prepodnosya with himself as the leader in mobile technology.

The action "Samsung Mobile Live" will begin its march to Italy, which will take the torch to more than 17 cities in five countries including Russia, Poland, Turkey and China.

The operator T-Mobile introduced the new Sidekick LX

American operator T-Mobile smartphone officially announced the Sidekick LX new generation. New product now available for pre-orders. Sidekick LX 2009 is made in the traditional models in this series form factor with a movable display, which is available QWERTY-keyboard, it is proposed in the violet and black colors. News received a number of improvements and new features that were not represented in previous versions. Sales of the new Sidekick LX for subscribers T-Mobile network to start today, April 17. All others can purchase the device beginning from May 13.

Characteristics of T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009:
  • Cellular GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), UMTS / HSDPA (1700/2100 MHz)
  • 3.2-inch display with a resolution of 854x480 pixels
  • 3.2-MP camera with autofocus and LED-flash
  • GPS-receiver
  • Support Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP profile
  • IM-clients AOL, Windows Live and Yahoo!
  • Slot for memory cards microSD
  • Battery capacity 1250 mAh
  • Talk time - up to 3 hours (3G), up to 5.5 hours (2G)
  • Standby time - up to 6 days (3G), up to 8 days (2G)
  • Dimensions - 129.5 mm h61h15
  • Weight - 161.6 grams

Sony Ericsson - the financial results of the first quarter of 2009

So the time has come to quarterly reporting producer - followed by Nokia of its "success stories" reported the company and Sony Ericsson. As expected, the alliance have nothing to please their shareholders - Operating income fell to 369 million euros, earnings declined by 21%. Only the first three months, Sony Ericsson has a market 14.5 million terminal - for comparison, for the same period of 2008 this figure was 22.3 million, and in Q4 2008 - and did 24.2 million and this has led to reduce sales by 36% - revenue for the first quarter amounted to 1.736 billion euros.

Average price of sold phones practically did not change - 121 euro to 120 euro a year ago. However, the company calls these dismal results are expected, and blames the entire global economic crisis, caused a significant decrease in demand. The company intends to adhere to the program savings, which should be by mid-2010 Sony Ericsson save 400 million euros. That is why until the end of next year is expected to decrease staff - to 2 thousand.

The market share Sony Ericsson has dropped to 6%, while in the fourth quarter amounted to 8%.

How to solve the problem E74 in Xbox360

After the problem of 3 red Led afflicted (or maybe still afflicts) the Xbox 360 console at home with Microsoft on the guide published by us for the resolution "in house" for this error, now comes another wave of problems for the the console: Error E74.

The message of 'error E74 reported to have caused "Error sisetma, Rivolgesti Xbox Customer Support" with a generic "geheral hardware failure." Obviously Microsoft has not clarified what the source of the problem but has "only" announced that it will refund customers the amount paid for a warranty repair fuiori because of fault for the error E74 and will receive this refund within 4-12 weeks, whose claims must be sent by 1 November 2009.

If you have a modified console and that would be a bit "strange" to send the same in the laboratories of Microsoft, now you tell us how to solve this infamous problem.

I state that we do not approve of PrimeNews in any way the use of pirated material, nor even the changes that inhibit or circumvent the protections of the games.

  • First we have to do the unboxing of the console as the previous guide
  • Now we have to unscrew the screws from underneath that keep fixed the heatsink to the motherboard
  • Clean and carefully heat the dough from the processor
  • Putting the new thermal paste
  • Replace the heatsink
  • Turn 's Xbox360 and we could be in 2 situations
    • The console part correctly -> then we should only re-and the procedure is finished
    • We may find that disappears and 1 red LED will light up if 2 (overheating) -> in this case turn off the console, wait 20 minutes, on again and you're done!

Too difficult? Anything! However you add some videos where you can see that it is easier to explain!

Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 will integrate PDF and ODF

The Microsoft Update Blog has announced that it would release the SP2 update for Microsoft Office 2007 before the end of the month 's April (28 to be exact).

The most striking novelty of this new update package is certainly native to the introduction of the exported file in our PDF (Adobe's standard) and how OOXML standard and it will finally also the compatibility mode for the Open Document Format documents ... But what is clear, there will still support for the documents. ODT presentations. ODP and spreadsheets. ODS.

Last but not as important, the Office 2007 suite SP2 has already been tested and supports Internet Explorer 8.

Sony HDMI 1.3 cable for TV Angle Wall

Cable HDMI ™ high-performance, certified 1.3a, Category 2, for transferring data at speeds up to 10.2 Gbps and a resolution of 1080p

Designed to simplify connections HDMI ™ horizontal installation of the TV wall plates

Available Lengths: 1m and 2m

The set of audio / video cables from Sony is enriched with a new HDMI cable, made with a special design that adds to the extraordinary quality of the range a higher level of practicality and convenience for installation HDMI.

With LCD TV that you do day by day, more subtle, there is a growing trend towards the installation of a wall that makes it more problematic, however, the use of traditional HDMI cables. To install a cable into a standard HDMI horizontal generally serves an area of 7 cm, especially if there is a ferrite sleeve to the suppression of disturbances. In this case create a flush wall can be very difficult.

With HDMI ™ cables DLC-HD10H (1 meter) and DLC-HD20H (2 meters) Sony offers the perfect solution to this problem: snodabili connectors are able to rotate 180 degrees and allow you to instantly create a connection at a right angle which occupies just 29mm.

Cables DLC-HD10H/DLC-HD20H fit discreetly into home entertainment systems, more sophisticated by adding a new touch of elegance with the highest performance levels:

  • HDMI ™ version 1.3a, Category 2, signal A / V fully digital, uncompressed, with a resolution of 1080p or higher
  • Support signals with bandwidth up to 10.2Gbps, 240Hz refresh rate and intensity of colors to 48-bit
  • Gold-plated connectors to 24 carat for excellent conductivity and long-lasting reliability
  • Copper cable OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) for high quality that ensures excellent signal transmission
  • Triple shielding for a high level of protection from electromagnetic interference
  • Certified for PLAYSTATION ® 3 and Blu-ray ™, compatible with BRAVIA Theater Sync and XV Color ™

Nokia Photo Browser: not only smartphone with touch display

The company Nokia has released updated beta version of Nokia Photo Browser, designed for viewing photos and has a three-dimensional display. Previously, the program has support only devices with touch screen-based platform for Nokia S60 5.0, such as the Nokia XpressMusic 5800. Now, to test the possibility of a new program can and holders of smartphones based on the OS Symian interface S60 3.1 and S60 3.2. The new version offers two installation files: the first - for devices without accelerometer built, and the second - for those who have.

In the future, the developers of Nokia Photo Browser collected "tie" to program an address book, as well as the possibility of embedded GPS receivers.

Garmin nuvi 1490T: Bar with a thin 5-inch display

The company introduced the new Garmin car GPS-navigator nuvi 1490T. It is equipped with 5-inch touch screen and enclosed in a thin shell - 25% thinner than most models range nuvi. Navigator supports the Bluetooth interface and allows you to receive calls from your mobile phone. Also, directly from the display device driver can find the phone number from your contact list, history of calls, or database objects on the map, and to recruit him. nuvi 1490T can provide information about upcoming turns, possible traffic and road signs. The device can store up to 10 routes, user, and calculate the optimal route. In addition, there is automatic transfer of time when changing timezone when traveling.

Navigator nuvi 1490T also warns the driver about the situation on the road en route: traffic jams, accidents, repair work. Warnings of traffic jams come in real-time service with NAVTEQ Traffic (available only in some regions). Navigator is an excellent opportunity regime ecoRoute, which allows you to create the most economical route in terms of fuel consumption. Optional for nuvi 1490T offered cards CityXplorer for pedestrian navigation. Sales Navigator will begin in July. Its recommended price is $ 500.

Mediapleer iriver P7 - soon in sales

In Russia iriver released the new product - media players iriver P7. The main feature of new items - is the most complete support for Video, the player supports most video and music formats - in order to enjoy the video do not want to convert software - just copy the movie from your computer and can be naslazhdaetsya viewing.

Media players equipped with a screen resolution of 480h272 point diagonal and 4.3 inches, slot for memory cards microSD, FM-radio and a built memory 4, 8 and 16 GB. Full battery last for 50 hours of music playback!

iriver P7 happy travelers function «Global time» ( «world clock») - which allows you to choose two cities and two time zones: the primary and secondary, set the time in the main belt - and the map will show the current time in two places at once.

Estimated retail price of new items to the memory 8 GB - $ 235 from memory 16 GB - $ 280. The Russian market player to appear in May.

QWERTY-phones LG: circulation of 20 million

Company LG continues to surprise release of their huge numbers of mobile phones. Thus, according to official LG Electronics (LG), starting in 2005, worldwide the company has sold 20 million mobile phones with QWERTY-keyboard. As compared to sales in October 2008 number of models of such phones has increased by 2 times.

His first klaviaturnik LG V (LG VX9800) LG has created four years ago. Sales have grown rapidly: in 2005 it was sold 350 thousand mobile phones, and in 2008 - already 12.7 million phones.

The company sold 8 million LG phones series enV (LG VX9100/VX9200), model series LG Rumor (LG-LX260/AX260/LX265) divided a circulation of 6 million copies, LG Voyager (LG VX10000) crossed the threshold to 3.5 million units, and LG KS360 acquired 1.5 million users. According to forecasts, sales model KS360, represented in Europe and Asia will grow by attracting the attention of active Internet users. LG KS360 easily connects to social networks such as Facebook. Its user interface is specifically designed for the exchange of messages, showing a window of dialogue and images of people engaged in conversation.

Turn your iPhone into a hunchback electronic

Using an aluminum support proprompter wing you can turn your iPhone into a hunchback electronically. Words can be read at a distance of 4 meters and a half.

The operation is quite simple: you mount the support on the camera, you load the text should serve as suggestions for the speaker on the website of the manufacturer and a soon to be presented in App Store will be available for download on the go text displaying on the display and choosing the size of the letters.

A very useful in the television, for video conferencing or when there is' the need to have an electronic prompter.

The cost 'at $ 99.