Prototype of Cross Media Station from Canon

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wireless charger has not new, though in the mass market has not seen, but the station Cross Media Station, a prototype which was recently presented by Canon, clearly more than just a charger.Unfortunately, this may mean that the issue of mass and sales gadget farther than the charger.

Besides Wireless charging gadgets from Canon, novelty can display the contents of the memory on the external screen and allows you to manipulate them.Supported work simultaneously with three devices and photos and videos with them, you can not only view, but also sort and even send to friends.

Most likely, it is possible to send files to your computer, but the company didn't say a Word.

Control system via a remote control, so that after your gadgets on a cross Media Station can safely accommodated on the sofa and work with pictures on the big screen.

When you can expect a new product to sell, and what will be its price is still unknown, but prototype looks pretty good, and it is hoped that the presentation of cross Media Station we will see is a few years, much sooner.

Tablet PC bModo will combine the best properties planšetnika and laptop

Since April date added first Tablet PC World engulfed the iPad fever. Many renowned manufacturers began to develop competitive gadgets. Now a new wave of popularity of Tablet PCs linked to the emergence and expectation of new models.Don't miss the opportunity to try to grab a slice of a dynamic market and little-known firms.

Among them are firm bModo, which presented its first bModo 12 Tablet PC running Windows 7.Engineers have tried to make a functional plan?etnik. According to the manufacturer, it combines the best properties of the "pill" and a laptop.

bModo12 based on Intel Atom Processor 1.6 gigahertz.He has great 11.6 screen with 16: 9. Supplying of solid-state drive Plan?etnik 32 gigabytes, two USB ports, has a slot for memory cards SD format and OMPT port. Also there is a VGA camera for video conferencing.

Plan?etnik connects to wireless Wi-Fi and 3 g networks, as well as to other devices via Bluetooth. Your computer works with software such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, Acrobat, Photoshop, Flash, Skype and many other programs.Its weight is less than a pound and it will be on sale in January.Unfortunately, his price was the only remaining unknown.