Razer Abyssus - simple gamer mouse with an infinite capacity

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well-known manufacturer of gaming peripheral company Razer has released to market a new gamer mouse called Abyssus. This device is successfully combined a simple and elegant design and modern filling. Wired Razer Abyssus equally useful for control of both right and left hand, and its "skin" black is decorated with glowing corporate logo.

Gamer mouse Razer Abyssus equipped with three independently programmable buttons, as well as proprietary infrared sensor Precision 3.5G, whose sensitivity can be up to 3500 dots per inch. However, the sensor can click "on the fly and switch to a lower sensitivity in 450 or 1800 dpi depending on the task at hand. Index of the frequency in this survey ranged from 125 to 1000 hertz, and the response time is 1 ms.

In addition, gamer mouse, Razer Abyssus has a scroll wheel with 24 positions pressing, as well as special legs Ultraslick Teflon, allowing "rodents" easily and quietly glide over the surface of the table. Connected to the computer mouse with cord length of 2.13 meters without any drivers, and its dimensions are 115 x 63 x 40 mm. Mouse Razer Abyssus already available for order from at 50 dollars or 40 euros, while its worldwide sales will begin in late December.

Compact printer Xerox Phaser 3140

Xerox has introduced a new compact printer Phaser 3140. According to the manufacturer, the new product combines the reliability of the traditional print quality and speed. Phaser 3140 comes to replace the printer Phaser 3117 - one of the most popular models in the line of personal devices, Xerox, sales of which since launch has already amounted to nearly a quarter of a million pieces. Surpassing its predecessor in many ways, Phaser 3140 has preserved another Wyżne features for personal devices - available in retail price, which are estimated at $ 100.

Compact housing news was made possible through the use of the tray closed to exclude dust and moisture on the paper and at the same time is quite spacious - its capacity is 250 sheets. Although compact, the printer can print with a maximum load of 10 000 pages per month, equivalent to twenty paper.

There-capacity cartridges for 1500 and 2500 prints, as well as special modes of operation. It is worth noting the use of a mechanism for printing on a wide range of media, high speed - up to 18 pages per minute print the first page in less than 8 seconds and the resolution of 1200x600 dpi. A set of additional functions, such as printing of watermarks, manual production of brochures, zoom, print multiple images on one page and the manual two-sided printing helps conserve resources and reduce consumption of paper and consumables.

Intel P55 chipset is updated with the B3 stepping

It was learned that Intel has prepared an updated version of stepping to the chipset P55. With the current version of this B2 chipset designed to support the performance of LGA 1156, move to a new revision B3. However, this update will include new facilities MM and S-spec, as well as updating MRC / microcode that will enable chipset P55 support future processors Intel. It is recommended to update the driver and the drive - with a version of Intel MSM 8.9 to RST 9.5.

Because the B3 stepping chips have contact compatibility with previous modifications, no physical changes to the design of motherboards to make no plans. Need only to update the firmware and a small update BIOS. According to Intel, the first processors with stepping B3, designed to interact with the chipset, P55, will be available on December 7. But for ordinary consumers new revision chipset Intel P55 will be available from February 5, 2010.

Battalion 101 W870CU - 17,3-inch gaming laptop from iBuyPower chip Core i7

Now there are many gaming notebooks on the different tastes and wallets. However, mobile computer Battalion 101 W870CU, released by iBuyPower, capable of impressing even the inveterate gamer. Judge for yourself - as the "heart" of the notebook can be used by the powerful quad-core Core i7 720QM, Core i7 820QM a Core i7 920XM with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, 1.73 GHz and 2 GHz respectively. In conjunction with the 17.3-inch display (1920 x 1080) and video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 with 1 GB of memory this laptop is able to meet the demands of virtually any PC gamers.

In addition, Battalion 101 W870CU can be equipped with up to 8 GB DDR3, and the amount of disk space can be up to 1 TB and include up to two HDD / SSD-drives. Available built-in fingerprint scanner, port Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, as well as optical drive DVD or Blu-ray. As a software platform used by Windows 7 Home Premium, a laptop battery has a capacity of 3800 mA / h. However laptop Battalion 101 W870CU from iBuyPower afford not every gamer. After its initial value is 2114 dollars.

Fujitsu F-04B: touchscreen phone, projector, dual keyboard

New mobile phone F-04B Fujitsu was presented in October last year at the exhibition CEATEC-2008 in Japan. And now this, really "-clamshell phone, announced for the network of the Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo. In fact, phone consists of two parts: a keyboard and a touchscreen phone, which interact with each other via Bluetooth (with each part has its own battery). The module combines a keyboard QWERTY-keyboard for typing and a sliding numeric keypad.

3.4-inch LCD touch screen located on the main module, where the main filling and which can produce calls, send SMS, listen to music, watch video. Module keyboard, in addition to traditional external Bluetooth-keyboard can be used as a microphone, speaker phone, game pad.

In addition, an optional phone can be equipped with Pico-projector that connects to the main module instead of the keyboard, and the last can be used instead of the remote control. The projector has a separate battery capacity of 800 mAh and provides image resolution 854 x 480 pixels. Capacity of lithium-ion battery F-04B - 800 mAh. When charging two modules must be connected. Price phone is still unknown.

Compact Philips GoGear MP3-Player RaGa

Philips has introduced to Russia's market two MP3 player series GoGear RaGa: SA1922 and the SA1942 with a memory 2 and 4 GB. In GoGear player with equalizer technology is used to automatically adjust the optimum sound frequency balance for a chosen music style. Preset EQ enables you to enjoy optimum sound depending on the chosen style - Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Techno or Classic.

Voice Recording Function converts your player GoGear in voice recorder. In addition to playing music and listening to the radio player allows you to record notes and reminders, shopping lists and phone numbers, as well as lyrics. Just press the record button and begin speaking into the built-in microphone. Voice messages are compressed and stored in the built-in internal memory.

Three-line display not only shows the names of songs, past the playing time and battery status, but also allows you to navigate your music library and view details of a musical composition, such as album title and artist name. Digital Audio Players RaGa provide listeners playback MP3 and WMA playback for 27 hours.

LG GU280 Popcorn appeared in Italy

The official site of the LG in Italy has information on the phone, LG GU280 Popcorn. This budget slider is focused on women's and youth audience. Case in pink and white flowers and the absence of strict lines indicate precisely on such orientation. On the same show and other key features of the device, called the producer: the system Clear voice, providing good audibility, and a large amount of battery, which will provide a long running conversation.

From the technical characteristics of LG GU280 be noted quad GSM / GPRS / EDGE networks and UMTS, a built-in mail client, WAP-browser and Bluetooth version 2.1. Display the apparatus is small - just 2 inches and a resolution of 176x220 pixels, which is typical for low-cost models. Internal memory 20 MB, but there is a slot for microSD memory card formats up to 8 GB. In addition there is a 1.3-megapixel camera with 2 x digital zoom and video recording with a resolution of 176x144 at 15 fps.

The battery capacity of 900 mAh battery provides up to 4 hours of talk time, but only 100 hours in standby mode. Cost and time are on the market is not indicated.

Samsung introduces a new Bluetooth-headset WEP490 Corby

Samsung Electronics Company has introduced a new Bluetooth headset WEP490 - Corby. It is specially designed for the new youth phone Samsung Corby. Corps sets made in the same style as the body of the phone Corby. The front panel is made in black, and the second half of the headset - in yellow, pink, white, black or orange.

Model WEP490 has the function of noise reduction and echo cancellation, automatic level control volume and system noise of the wind. All this provides comfortable communication is not only the owner of the headset, but his companion. LED-battery indicator, which changes color depending on the level of battery charge. This allows a single glance to assess the state of the battery and charge it in advance. Hours of the new headset talk time is six hours and standby time - 180 hours. Headset WEP490 will be available in November.

Motorola Quantico: folding CDMA phone with increased protection

Motorola has unveiled its new model of a secure phone - Motorola Quantico, performed in a folding form factor and designed to work in CDMA networks.

This novelty is a brutal appearance, protection against ingress of water into the shell when it is submerged to a depth of one meter in half an hour. And in order that the phone would not slip out of his hands, his body is made of rubberized parts, which actually gives it a "rough" image. From the functional features of Motorola Quantico is worth noting the presence in her support for wireless technology Bluetooth, and GPS navigation.

Other Motorola Quantico Features:

  • Support communications standards: CDMA 1700/2100, 800/1900 CDMA EVDO
  • Dimensions: 55,9 h94h25, 4 mm
  • Weight: 119 gr.
  • Main display: 2.2-inch, a resolution of 176x220 pixels
  • External display: 1,6 - inch, a resolution of 120x160 pixels
  • Camera: 1.3 megapixel with video recording
  • Messaging: MMS, SMS, IM, Email / BREW 3.1.5
  • Audio formats supported: AAC, AAC +, AAC + Enhanced, AMR NB, MIDI, MP3, WAV, WMA v9
  • Supporting microSD memory cards up to 8 GB
  • Communication: Stereo Bluetooth Class 2, 2.5 mm audio jack, USB 2.0 FS, WAP browser
  • Battery: 1140 mAh
  • Nautical Services: SGPS

A new contactless charging station by SANYO for consoles Nintendo Wii Remote

Japanese company SANYO announced the release of its new contactless charging station for a wireless remote control Wii Remote game console Nintendo Wii. This station allows you to charge up to two such panels, connecting to the USB port on the console. In addition, the new station allows charging control panels connected to it with an optional accessory Wii MotionPlus, with great accuracy to monitor the situation and direction of the player's hand. But the main advantage of novelty lies in the fact that in order to charge the batteries that they do not need to get out of control, and also will not have to remove the protective cover and Wii Remote Jacket.

The model presented by the station number N-WR03S certified and licensed by Nintendo, and offers its owners, in addition to the high level of comfort and reliability, yet the function of identifying problems with charging (eg, short circuit, caused by hitting a variety of metal between the batteries and pads) stopping the supply voltage.

Start selling N-WR03S identified producer on 14 November this year.

Three new items Huawei will be soon in the market: M228, C6100 and G7002

American operator MetroPCS will soon release a mobile phone Huawei M228. This apparatus for CDMA and AWS, it is a simple one-piece with a numeric keypad and, obviously, will be inexpensive. From the characteristics of a device known only to the presence of cameras, to access the photography has a special button.

In addition, two more models of production Huawei, obviously, will soon go on sale: C6100 and G7002, they have been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Huawei C6100 is a monoblock with the integrated QWERTY-keyboard, like a smartphone. But, in reality, this is just a phone, with an average of functionality. Among the characteristics of Huawei C6100 - 2-megapixel camera, music player, microSD-slot, and 3.5-mm connector, the device works in the networks of CDMA 1X. Huawei G7002, in turn, is besklaviaturnogo piece with a touch screen, it is designed for networks of GSM. The phone has FM-radio, Bluetooth-adapter and 1.3-megapixel camera. Not know the exact timing of the issuance of these models with regard to prices, then it is likely to be low.

Casio EX-FS10S: digital camera will help to play golf

Japanese company Casio has announced in his homeland a modified version of its high-speed compact digital camera Casio EX-FS10, which added features learning strokes in golf.

For these purposes, the cell refined according to which, after shooting vyskoskorostnoy golfer analyzes his situation and otobarazhaet on a frame line guides, which are supposed to creators of new items, designed to better work out your swing.

In other respects, Casio EX-FS10S has tezhe specifications as its progenitor, including high-speed photo (30 frames per second) and video (up to 1000 frames per second) survey.

Included with the camera-assistant golfer will go book a professional golf coach - Ken Horio (Ken Horio), who once led to victory in 2005, Toru Taniguchi (Toru TANIGUCHI) in the tournament Casio World Open.

LG smartphone based on Android makes it more convenient to use social networks

Russia's division of LG announced its smartphone platform based Android - LG GW620. As the producer, the model reflects the intention to satisfy the interests of users of social networks, seeking to mobile communication. With SNS Manager, which is equipped with LG GW620, users can continuously communicate with the network, having information on the status of friends, leaving comments or updating their own pages. SNS Manager provides a convenient platform for managing multiple accounts and receive updates in real time with social networking sites. Even during the search of the phone's contact list, users can keep track of updates that occur on the pages of their friends.

Thanks to technology Auto Face-Tagging and Face To Action smartphone LG GW620 can quickly communicate with friends and family one-touch their photos. Suffice it to his friend's face in the photo, and then easily upload photos to the site, contact them through SMS, MMS or voice mail. For more convenient use of social networking smartphone LG GW620 plays the familiar environment PC. 5-line sliding QWERTY-keyboard in conjunction with one of the fastest browsers can quickly surf the Internet and watch streaming video, with handy arsenal of applications Google.

LG GW620 has entertainment features that allow to create your own content and share them with friends. 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and video recording function can record high-definition content, which can then be edited using special tools.

Smartphone LG GW620 is equipped with 3-inch LCD screen with a resolution HVGA, video playback with support for DivX and Xvid, there are 3.5-mm audio connector extends the range of sources playback. LG GW620 - this is the first smartphone in a number of devices based on Android, which LG plans to present to users in the current year. LG GW620 is available from mid-October in Europe and then the model will be all over the world.

"Progorod": a new player in the market of navigation software and mapping

Group of companies "SiDiKom" officially declared the start of the project "Progorod" aimed at developing a complete software navigation services for devices GLONASS-GPS. The result of the annual preparatory phase of the project were:
  • creation of a radically new concept of navigation cartography - the development of cartographic base and the count of traffic, taking into account Russian Sobienie of navigational equipment
  • creation of the largest in Russia team of cartographers working in the field of digital navigation maps - more than 100 people;
  • Development and production of relevant navigational charts high degree of detail for the 17 largest metropolitan areas of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Volgograd, Perm, Voronezh , Krasnoyarsk, Saratov, Krasnodar. The total number of settlements within the cartographic coverage "Progorod" - about 33 000 in 50 regions of Russia, of which 387 - settlements with targeted by the plan;
  • Development and production of navigational software packages for Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

Today the company announced the official launch of the project and the launch of the Internet portal The site provides with information developed navigational decisions: navigation programs for different platforms created in the project navigation maps. Also, site visitors with access service web-GIS, which allows you to evaluate the quality of created image maps and these maps cover the territory of Russia.
Currently navigation service "Progorod" is available for Windows Mobile and Windows CE. In the nearest plans Issue navigation solutions for platforms J2ME (Java), Android and iPhone.
Software navigational engines "Progorod" have some unique competitive advantages. In particular, "Progorod" implemented by the emulation of intersections and road junctions: when approaching a complicated intersection organized in a corner of the screen displays the image, repeating a schematic view of the real part of the road, which helps the driver to quickly orient.
Users are free 30-day fully functional demonstration versions.

Wistron to release e-book reader with a flexible screen in 2010

The rumor that the company Wistron is developing devices for reading books on the basis of flexible electronic paper was confirmed. Resource DigiTimes, referring to the charge of planning production company Wistron Brian Chong (Brian Chong), reports that the company really soon release a similar model. The basis of 5-and 6-inch versions will be based on samples of displays, the company received from Polymer Vision.

Mr. Chong said that the device will be close to production models Readius Polymer Vision. These devices are similar to the size of plastic credit cards, and flexible display will "stretch" from the inside. Such a structure imposes several restrictions on the ability of the screen. In addition it is not clear whether the model Wistron have support for wireless connections, while Polymer Vision had a prototype module Wi-Fi, and most of the latest e-book reader has not only Wi-Fi, and support networks of 3G.

The official announcement of devices for reading books on the basis of flexible electronic paper from Wistron will be held later, but they do sell in 2010. On the possible cost while also not reported.

ViewSonic VCP08: the first Windows XP-phone

ViewSonic ® Corp. today introduced the mobile device operating system Windows XP - VCP08. Apparently, so far only the Chinese market. The manufacturer classifies it as a Windows XP-phone, although the apparatus can be ranked and the MID, just with phone functionality. ViewSonic VCP08 claims to be the first product of this type, which is available for sale, since such a decision from the company ITG has not sold. ViewSonic VCP08 made in the clamshell form factor and is equipped with a small 2-inch display and a numeric keypad from the outside, as well as 4.3-inch touch screen and QWERTY-keyboard inside.

The device is based on the processor Intel ULV, is equipped with 512 MB RAM, 8 GB hard drive, 2-megapixel camera and a slot for memory card format micro SD. It is known that Windows XP-phone ViewSonic VCP08 will also be sold in the U.S. and Europe, its cost will be $ 800.

Netbooks with Windows XP work longer than with Windows 7

Before the release of the latest operating system from Microsoft, among others of its merits was called and the extension of the laptop as compared to Windows Vista. As illustrated by the Dell XPS Studio 16 and Gateway NV. In this model of Dell has won in just a few minutes, but Gateway gained almost an hour. About netbook, Microsoft did not report anything like that, and besides no comparison between Windows 7 and Windows XP.

As it turned out such tests, if performed at Microsoft, but it is likely the results were unsatisfactory. At least, such a conclusion can be drawn from data obtained by representatives of resource Laptop, Liliputing and jkOnTheRun. They reported reduction in the time of the netbook running Windows 7 is almost an hour. Testing models were Toshiba mini NB205, ASUS Eee PC 1008HA and the HP Mini 311. This Liliputing and jkOnTheRun used test Battery Eater, and Laptop - LAPTOP Battery Test. In all cases the time of all systems with Windows 7 was less. According to the results of the Laptop are as follows:

Toshiba mini NB205 - 9 o'clock, 24 minutes to 8 hours 51 minutes
ASUS Eee PC 1008HA - 5 hours 40 minutes to 4 hours and 43 minutes
HP Mini 311 - 5 hours 43 minutes to 4 hours 52 minutes

The average loss of working hours were 47 minutes. Such results call into question the feasibility of moving some models to the newer operating system, although for some this time is not critical. Netbook Toshiba mini NB205 lost only 31 minutes from more than 9 hours, while for ASUS losses amounted to nearly 20% of operating time, which is very important.

Boeye MID 700: similar to the iPhone, running Android

While engineers at Apple are still in the creative search for a Tablet PC with appearance iPhone, their Chinese counterparts have produced such a device. Appeared on the Internet information on the internet tablet from the company Boeye, which looks a lot like the iPhone. The device is called Boeye MID 700 and runs on Android. The appearance of the model is quite attractive, and quite thin body.

Unfortunately the specific details about the technical characteristics Boeye MID 700 are not reported. Judging from the photos, screen, of course, touch, and its diagonal is from 5 to 7 inches. Also on the front of the camera lens is visible. In the same place where the iPhone is equipped with navigation keys, but its function is unknown. Unknown and version of OS Android, installed on the device. But already know the approximate price, which can ensure the attractiveness of the product, - $ 300, that in times less than the proposals from the non-Chinese producers.

Axiotron Modbook: 13-inch screen and Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz

The company Other World Computing announced the release of the Tablet PC Axiotron Modbook at a discounted $ 500 price. This model is a curious fact that the basis for the Tablet PC with touch screen was placed an ordinary MacBook. When "crossed" product from Apple with Wacom tablet had been a very interesting hybrid, which is marketed as the world's first computer, the screen which you can draw directly. "Hybridization" started more than a year ago, but now Other World Computing offers more functionality for less money.

In addition to the possibility of drawing on the screen Modbook remarkable presence of the powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock speed of 2.13 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, 8-speed DVD-drive, module Wi-Fi Airport Extreme 802.11b/g/n, presence of Bluetooth, and preloaded OS Snow Leopard. For an additional fee may be set module GPS, an additional 4 GB of RAM, SSD-drive capacity of up to 256 GB or 1.28 TB hard drive. All modifications Modbook comes with 13.3-inch touch screen with FireWire 400 and WACOM Penabled Digitizer, providing 512 levels of sensitivity, as well as the stylus Axiotron Digitizer Pen.

Cost planshetnika Axiotron Modbook in the basic kit is $ 1600.