New Dell laptop 1110 (11z) Argos - 11 inches in a sleek package

Friday, November 13, 2009

Merlion company announced a laptop Dell Inspiron 1110 (11z) Argos. As the company is very thin and light notebook series Dell Inspiron, while it appears for the first time in Russia, and so far only in the company Merlion.

Notebook Inspiron 11z lightweight (weighs less than 1.4 kg) and thin (25.8 mm), but he has good size for his performance. The model belongs to a class of full-fledged laptops, not netbooks.

Inspiron 11z is equipped with a hard disk drive 160 or 250 GB, 11.6-inch display TLF WLED with a resolution of 1366 x 768 and wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The platform is made on the newest energy-efficient processor Intel Celeron 743 ULV. Hours on one rechargeable battery up to 6 hours. In addition, on seven different colors of covers.

Graphics Card Radeon HD 5970 will cost 499 euros

There are new details about the powerful graphics card ATI Radeon HD 5970, also known as Hemlock. Recall, this accelerator is based on two RV870 GPUs with a frequency of 725 MHz and is equipped with 2 GB of memory GDDR5, which will work with a frequency of 4000 MHz. In addition, there are 3200 stream processors and 160 texture units, as well as support for DirectX 11 technology, and CrossFireX. A set of interfaces graphics adapter includes two ports, DVI video output and mini DisplayPort.

To this day, was not aware of the cost of ATI Radeon HD 5970. And now came the information that the recommended price for this accelerator in Europe at 499 euros. Thus, this graphics card a little more than twice as expensive model Radeon HD 5850. Of course, five hundred euro per graphics card - a lot, but bear in mind that the ATI Radeon HD 5970 certainly takes the leading position in the market and hold out on top, at least several months. In addition, it is reported that Radeon HD 5970 has already appeared in price lists online stores. This means that before the release of this adapter is left very long.

Falcon II - a new family of SSD drives from G. Skill

Seven months later, after the first SSD drives Falcon company G. Skill announced a new family of flash drives. The new SSD drives Falcon II, as the first-generation model, implemented in 2.5-inch form factor. They are based on 34-nanometer NAND flash memory and equipped with a new controller Indilinx ECO, 64 MB of cache memory and interface to connect SATA 3.0 Gbps.

MTBF at SSD drives Falcon II is 1,5 million hours, in addition, they support sold in the Windows 7 team TRIM. New SSD equipped with two-year warranty and will be available in versions with a capacity of 64, 128 and 256 GB. Junior model has read and write speed of up to 220/110 MB / s, respectively, while the remaining two similar figure is 220/150 MB / sec.

ASUS is preparing a version of the Radeon HD 5750 with corporate cooler Formula

In addition to developing its own version of the powerful graphics card Radeon HD 5970 (Hemlock), the Taiwanese company ASUSTeK Computer is preparing to submit a non-reference version of the adapter, Radeon HD 5750, equipped with a proprietary cooler Formula. New graphics card with the long name EAH5750 FORMULA/2DI/1GD5 has a black PCB, and its cooling system is supposed to work 13 percent more effective drainage solution.

Graphics accelerator ASUS EAH5750 FORMULA/2DI/1GD5 equipped with 720 stream processors, 1 GB of GDDR5 memory with 128-bit interface and video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. There is support for DirectX 11 technology and mode CrossFireX, and clock speeds up adapter 700 and 4600 MHz for the GPU and memory respectively. Graphics Card ASUS EAH5750 FORMULA/2DI/1GD5 already available for pre-order for about 117 euros.

PowerColor PLAY! HD5770 – Adapter with non-reference cooler and stock frequencies

Company TUL Corporation, which owns the trademark PowerColor, announced a new graphics card based on the model of Radeon HD5770. Novelty called PowerColor PLAY! HD5770 оснащена эффективной системой охлаждения от Arctic Cooling, в которую входит медная база и 92 мм вентилятор. Such a system is believed to be more efficient and quiet solution, compared with the reference cooler, and therefore more suitable for overclocking.

Graphics Card PowerColor PLAY! HD5770 is made based on a 40 nm chip Juniper and is equipped with 800 stream processors and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory with 128-bit interface and video outputs DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. There is support for DirectX 11 technology and mode CrossFireX, and clock speeds of the accelerator, in spite of the non-reference cooler, are drainage values - 850 and 4800 MHz for the GPU and memory respectively. Sales videocard PowerColor PLAY! HD5770 should appear Nov. 30 and costs 159 dollars.

New Line office projectors Epson EB-S8, EB-X8 and EB-W8

Epson has introduced a new series of bright, mobile and affordable business projectors. Series Epson EB-S8, EB-X8, EB-W8 is a completely updated design, through which projections were not only more elegant, but also more convenient. Epson has made new projectors to 30% smaller and 15% lighter in weight than previous models. Furthermore, complete with a new series of projectors supplied bag for transport.

Original technology Epson 3LCD, high brightness level of 2500 lumens and 2000:1 contrast ratio guarantees image quality in virtually any room. Keystone Correction smooths the image, and a short focal point allows you to show presentations on a large screen size, even in small meeting rooms.

Epson USB Display Function allows you to connect the projector to a laptop USB-cable and put the image on the screen without any additional configuration. Models Epson EB-X8 and EB-W8 have a USB input for media to view the images in JPEG format and an HDMI input to display digital photos and high definition video. Lamp Epson E-TORL provides one of the biggest resource on the market - up to 5 000 hours of ECO. Epson EB-S8, EB-X8 and EB-W8 available on Russia's market since November.

Dell 5130cdn, Dell 7130cdn and Dell 3330dn - printer trio speed

Dell today announced three new printers designed for use in the office. This model - Dell 5130cdn, Dell 7130cdn and Dell 3330dn. Dell 5130cdn a color laser printer that can print up to 47 pages of unilateral and bilateral up to 37 pages per minute, is supported by both black and white and color printing. This model uses ColorbyDell, which improves print quality, color saturation and sharpness. System administrators can choose software ColorTrack Pro from Dell, which allow you to track and monitor printer usage by other users in the network. The printer has a 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. Management is facilitated through the LCD display with a resolution of 160x64 pixels.

Model 7130cdn - a color LED printer capable of printing sheet tabloid (279h432 mm). It can handle sheets of different formats. The printer is based on 1 GHz processor, has 512 MB of memory (optionally up to 4 GB). Print speed up to 35 pages per minute, he also has a LCD display with a resolution of 128x64 pixels.

And, finally, the model 3330dn - High-performance laser printer, capable of delivering up to 40 pages format letter (216h279 mm) per minute in monochrome printing. It has a 466 GHz processor with 64 MB of RAM and uses a four-line display. New printers Dell 5130cdn, Dell 7130cdn and Dell 3330dn is available for sale. Their cost is $ 1549, $ 2,799 and $ 599 respectively.

Bellperre Finest Woods: "wooden" premium smartphones

Company Bellperre introduced a new series of Windows Mobile-smartphones Finest Woods in their premium collections. It is easy to guess from the name, Finest Woods finished in wood. Moreover, presented as normal, walnut or elm, and exotic zebrawood (wood with a pattern reminiscent of a zebra coloring - dark stripes on a light background) and Wenge (black African wood). Obviously, the type of wood affects the cost of the product. A tree, covers housing smartphones Bellperre, processed manually. Also, you can add the finishing steel, gold or platinum, precious stones and natural skin. In addition, the shell can be engraved with logos, initials, and so on, by the customer.

One hundred and concerns characteristics of smartphones Bellperre, they are simple enough even for the usual modern phone, but even more so for "smart". Devices equipped with 2-inch display with a resolution of 176x220 pixels, built-in camera, media player, support Bluetooth interface and USB. Bellperre Finest Woods, as, indeed, across the rest of the company, only work in networks GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz). Dimensions smartphones - 100x44x15, 5 mm, weight - 120 grams, the type is quite thick monoblocks strictly rectangular shape. On the cost of new Finest Woods still unknown, but it probably will be high and will be very dependent on the finishing material.

Methanol-Powered Fuel Cellphone from Toshiba

Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of the first product in methanol (DMFC) - Dynario. Dynario is an external source of energy for mobile electronic devices. The company notes that the technology allows almost immediately to implement charging and does not depend on the adapters and sockets.

Electricity is generated by a chemical reaction between a highly concentrated methanol and oxygen. Revived for 20 seconds, Dynario produces electricity by passing it the device - a mobile phone or media player - via USB-cable. Single refueling Dynario enough to charge two mobile phones.

Dynario became the first product based on Toshiba's DMFC-technology. The system fully meets the safety standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). For refilling the cartridge takes very small amount of methanol. Its volume is controlled by a system equipped with a built-in microcomputer. Dynario works on the basis of a hybrid that uses lithium-ion battery to save energy.

New Dynario complete with cartridges already appeared on the Japanese market in late October 2009 a limited edition of 3 000 copies. After testing in Japan Dynario will the international market.

Motorola MT710: a smartphone based on the Chinese version of Android

Motorola has introduced a smartphone in China MT710 OPhone, which is based on the software platform Open Mobile System based on the core Android. The device supports a local standard cellular TD-SCDMA, and GSM / GPRS / EDGE. Motorola MT710 - is, in fact, the same Motorola DROID, only without sliding QWERTY-keyboard. But the 3.7-inch touchscreen WVGA-screen, hull shape and general appearance are preserved.

In addition, Motorola MT710 supports Wi-Fi (perhaps in the form of local option WAPI) and Chinese mobile TV standard CMMB (China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting). The other characteristics, obviously, similar to Motorola DROID: 5-megapixel camera, slot for memory cards microSD, GPS-receiver, and so on. So far no reports on how much Motorola MT710 will cost the Chinese market.

Panasonic MW-10: sharing multimedia audio system with photo frames and a docking station for iPod

The North American division of Panasonic has announced the commencement of sales from next month priced at $ 299.95, a new multimedia device MW-10, is a compact audio system with built-in digital photo frames and the presence of a docking station for players iPod.

This device has a built-in CD-player, FM / AM-tuner with memory for 45 channels, audiokolonki slot for SD memory cards, USB port, the ability to play audio and video formats, as well as control via remote control the player iPod.

In addition, MW-10 can be used as a digital photo frame, thanks to 9-inch LCD display, which can display not only photos (while listening to music) and video, but also serve as a desktop clock, calendar or as the screen control the connected iPod.

Seoul headquarters of Samsung denies reports DigiTimes

In 11 of this month we reported that, in the words of senior vice president of Samsung Corporation in 2010, refuses to use in their OS smartphones Symbian. This statement was published resource DigiTimes. However, this information appeared rebuttal. Representatives site Mobile Burn asked for comments at the Seoul headquarters of the company Samsung, where he was received the following reply:

«Samsung is one of the original members of the Symbian Foundation and continues to interact with the Symbian Foundation. At the same time, Samsung supports a variety of existing operating systems, including Symbian, Linux, Android and Windows Mobile. To ensure more choice served by a variety of tastes and preferences of customers, we will continue to adhere to our multioperatsionnoy strategy. Our policy is to provide the buyer of what he needs. "

LG promises more phones, watches and Android-smartphone in 2010

Officials from the company LG confirm information that the telephones in the wristwatch will evolve in the future. The presentation was devoted to launching a smartphone LG GW620 in Britain, the director of the local branch marketing LG John Burton (John Barton), told reporters that the production is prepared several "styles" phone-clock with besklaviaturnogo monoblock running Android. These devices, he said, should appear in the next year.

Future Android-smartphone is currently a mystery, since it was recently reported in the press release a smartphone with Snapdragon processor and operating system Android does not provide a complete picture of the upcoming phone. It is known that the functionality had to be higher than that of GW620, but in what form factor will be implemented a new model - it is not clear. Perhaps, LG plans to release the phone as is the case besklaviaturnogo tachfona, and with built-in QWERTY-keyboard.

As for the phone-hours, then there should rather be expected cosmetic updates. The existing model GD910 comes in a single color, but its design is also not outstanding. Therefore only logical some would be restyled model or design development more attractive to female audience.

Unfortunately, no specific information regarding the plans from the representatives of LG does not do and more can be known only when the releases would begin in 2010.

Google Chrome OS next week

Resource TechCrunch, referring to a reliable source, reported that the operating system Google Chrome OS will be available for download in the coming week. This coincides with the previously made an official statement that the first version of the new OS will be available this fall. At the same time until the official presentation will remain the main question: how this should work in terms of interaction with netbooks?

This important point is of greatest concern, since the previously and when the information is contradictory: some suggest that Google has entire sections devoted exclusively to work on the drivers, and others say that this task was passed on to manufacturers. It is known that the company actively cooperates with companies such as Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Toshiba.
Previously, the network has repeatedly appeared more or less accurate picture screens Google Chrome OS, but no official announcement regarding the exact date of release, and devices that will support this operating system was not.

Smartphone Dell Mini 3 will be released before the end of the year in China and Brazil

Dell has officially announced its withdrawal on the smart phone market. Already this month in China, operator China Mobile smartphone will be released Dell Mini 3, and at Claro in Brazil, he appears closer to the end of the year. This apparatus is also known as the Dell Mini 3i or 3iX (apparently different names for different markets). In the Chinese version of the device will include a series OPhone and running a modified version of the operating system, Android, and in Brazil - a standard version of Android.

On the Performance of Dell Mini 3 company said virtually nothing is known only that it besklaviaturnogo candy bar with 3.5-inch touch screen display and in China it will not support 3G and Wi-Fi, but, obviously, can get the support of the local standard WAPI. However, if the same device that was demonstrated in China, then it should be a 3-megapixel camera with autofocus, GPS-receiver, Bluetooth support and USB 2.0 and microSD-slot. It is not clear when this smartphone will be released in other markets.

ICD Vega: cheap tablet with a large screen and running Android 2.0

The operating system Android, was originally aimed at feature phones, is gaining ground among other devices. Company Innovative Converged Devices (ICD) has officially announced a device called Vega, which is not a phone. This model has a 15.6-inch resistive touch screen with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels and is based on the chipset Nvidia Tegra. It works under OS Android 2.0, comes with built-in modules Wif-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, but with phones is only general support data transmission networks of the third generation. In sale ICD intends to launch in the first half of 2010, as well as a market known as North and Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Among other information regarding the ICD Vega reported the presence of 512 megabytes and 512 MB of memory fleshevoy. As the main carrier of information called a microSD memory card format. In addition to the aforementioned device will get 1.3-megapixel webcam, microphone, light sensor and 3.5-mm audio jack. Dimensions to 373 x 254 x 16 and Vega will be attached table Docking station with magnetic mount and the possibility of charging.

Company does not name a specific value, limited to generalities about the low price. Budget nature it is more likely than 15-inch model, which was formally presented, but the promised options with 7 and 11-inch screens.

In Russia began selling Bluetooth-Headset Discovery 975

In the sale market in Russia came from the company Discovery 975 Plantronics - Bluetooth headset is lightweight premium. In Discovery 975 uses the latest technology Plantronics AudioIQ ², which in combination with two microphones provides high-quality digital audio, allowing you to effectively separate voice from background noise.

The headset also minimizes wind noise - one of their main causes of breakdown in communication during the conversation. Discovery 975 is a three-level protection from wind-based technologies WindSmart. Microphone opening special form, as well as a soft acoustic cover surrounding a microphone creates a barrier to interference from wind. At the same time, digital processing AudioIQ ² recognize his voice, separating it from the noise of wind and providing a clear signal obtained interlocutor.

Due to the dynamics, the transmitting signal in a wide range of frequencies, the voice of the interlocutor becomes richer and more natural. Adjustable 20-band equalizer removes distortion and, in combination with AudioIQ ², automatically adjusts the volume level dynamics, adapting it to the surrounding environment and eliminating the need to manually adjust the volume.

Multipoint technology allows you to simultaneously use a headset with two mobile phones or other Bluetooth devices. Function QuickPair provides rapid pairing the headset when you first start. Another technique, previously implemented only in the headset Plantronics Voyager PRO, allows the headset to transmit voice messages informing the user that the battery level, or activate Mute.

Like the previous model, Discovery 975 comes with battery cover, a charge which is enough for two additional recharge the headset. The new case also comes with a charger LCD screen displays the level of battery charge the headset, the cover itself, as well as the status of the headset to a telephone.

Main technical characteristics of Discovery 975:
  • Hours of talk time: 5 h (15 h using the charger cover)
  • Hours of standby time: 7 days
  • Support voice profiles Headset v1.1 & Hands-free v1.5 (Bluetooth ver. 2.1 + EDR)
  • Multipoint Technology
  • Technology AudioIQ2
  • Technology WindSmart
  • Function QuickPair
  • Adjust volume
  • Ability to turn off the microphone (Mute)
  • Status Indicator Headset
  • Charge indicator sets
  • Voice Alert: on the on / off. function Mute; the need to charge the battery, leaving the zone of action
  • Maximum range of reliable communication of 10 m
  • Weight: 8 oz

Casio IT-800 RGC-35: a durable and waterproof communicator

The company introduced the industry communicator Casio IT-800 RGC-35. This rugged device weighs 335 grams. Casio IT-800 RGC-35 is equipped with a 3.7-inch touch screen with VGA resolution and hardware keyboard. He is running the operating system Windows Mobile 6.5 in mobile networks UMTS / HSDPA and GSM / EDGE. Also in those characteristics - 2-megapixel camera, GPS-receiver, adapters, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth. In addition, the communicator has a number of specific opportunities that may be needed to staff of enterprises and organizations that will use the Casio IT-800 RGC-3 to D: bar code scanning, non-contact detection of smart cards and so on.

With regard to protection, the communicator matches specification IP54, resistant to dust and splashing water. The device could even be without harm to the efficiency drop to the cement floor from a height of 1.5 meters. In addition, Casio IT-800 RGC-35 may operate at high and low temperatures: from -20 ° C to +50 ° C and, in general, is intended for use outside the premises in any weather. Release of the "impregnable" model is planned for late January 2010.