Phone SmartlinQ help to quickly call an ambulance

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Company Silverphone presented an unusual mobile phone SmartlinQ. Basically, he is focused on older users. The model is simple, its design does not provide for such "advanced" parts of the camera, slot for memory cards and wireless adapters, there is even a full keyboard and display. But there is a GPS-receiver, which allows at any time to determine the user's location, it will very useful if he needs urgent medical attention.

SmartlinQ placed in a convenient Monoblock streamlined body shape, but rather large and broad, that it was easy to handle even the older person. You can quickly call the relatives in case of need (just a few buttons are programmed to call a specific number), or connect to a service emergency Careline (cost of service - about $ 21 a month). SmartlinQ already sold in the UK for 149.99 pounds (about $ 248).