Series motherboard ASUS P7P55D based on Intel P55 supporting SATA III

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Company ASUSTeK Computer announced a series of motherboards P7P55D based on the new Intel P55 Express chipset with socket LGA 1156, which is suitable for Intel Core i7 processors and i5. Decisions are based on the concept of the company constructing Xtreme Design and support technology Hybrid: Hybrid Processor, Hybrid Phase and Hybrid OS. The first one is designed for overclocking, and Hybrid Phase, in turn, for the efficient power and cooling. The system monitors the heating components, in particular, the processor in real time, and suitably balanced nutrition phases. As for Hybrid OS - it is another operating system which boots in 5 seconds. It provides access to basic features, including connection to the Internet.

Ruler Motherboard ASUS P7P55D includes models P7P55D Premium, P7P55D Deluxe, P7P55D EVO, P7P55D PRO, P7P55D and P7P55D LE. They all support the interface SATA 3 Gb / s, and Premium-model - to 6 Gb / s (the other boards support this high-speed interface only via an adapter). ASUS P7P55D Premium is equipped with 12 ports, USB, at the time, like the rest of their boards 14. Also, all models, except P7P55D LE, equipped with a connector 1394a.

With regard to support memory, each of the cards is compatible with DDR3 1600/1333/1066 MHz. They can also implement the union power multiple video cards in CrossFireX mode, and SLI. And, finally, all the representatives of the line slots are PCIe x16, Gbit LAN, eSATA, and Ultra DMA. New motherboard ASUS P7P55D Premium, P7P55D Deluxe, P7P55D EVO, P7P55D PRO, P7P55D and P7P55D LE are now on sale, their value is 224, 130, 124, 111, 94 and 84 euros respectively.