Sony updates PS3 firmware to support 3D images

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sony has a meeting with investors talked about their plans to add features to the PlayStation 3 Support the three-dimensional stereoscopic images. Support for games in 3D format will be implemented through a firmware update PS3, said Sony. At the same time, developers will need to create appropriate games, for which the company plans to provide all the necessary tools. The exact timing of the onset of the PlayStation 3 support the three-dimensional image Sony has not yet opened. However, according to earlier information - it is next year.

Stereoscopic images for games PS3 - is only part of Sony's strategy for development of this technology. She also plans to produce movies in 3D format Blu-ray, HDTV support such an image, and by the end of next year is going to cinemas equipped with 3000 3D Projector own production. In turn, achieve profitability segment PlayStation, in no small measure due to the three-dimensional technology is planned for March 2011.