The first images of Microsoft's Turtle and Pure

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Resource Gizmodo has published two pictures of mobile devices, over which the company works in Microsoft Project Pink. Models are called Turtle and Pure, their producer is a company Sharp, it also produced the device line Sidekick, which runs under the operating system Danger. And Danger, in turn, was bought by Microsoft last year.

Both mobile devices are sliders with sliding QWERTY-keyboard. Only Turtle, she nominated the bottom (the device resembles Palm Pre, only a shorter body), while the Pure - the side, a traditional slider with touch screen in the entire front panel. Models are enclosed in the shell with rounded corners and rounded buttons. On the characteristics of Turtle and Pure nothing is yet known. Not clear, however, what operating system they will be communicated only that the device will support projects and its own Zune online store application. Perhaps this is the mythical Zune phone?


pink cell phones said...

The pink phones will be now known as Turtle and Pure. Both the phones will surely attract the young crowd. It has a decent look and nice features. Hope it performs well.