OCZ Colossus: Colossus 1TB SSD

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"What do you call a boat, so it will float, singing captain Vrungel and was, as we know, human. The company called its model OCZ solid state drive "Colossus" and also was not mistaken. OCZ Colossus was announced in June this year, but its establishment was delayed until November. But what is the justification, performed work is really tremendous - model turned inspires respect: SSD-drive memory capacity of 1 TB.

The rate of reading and writing filed at 260 MB / s, while for continuous recording - 220 MB / sec. Apart from the volume and speed OCZ Colossus is different, and highly reliable operating time without failure is 1.5 million hours and manufacturing company offers a three-year warranty. Model implemented in 3.5-inch form factor. In 1 TB flagship of the series are less capacious models: 120 GB, 250 GB and 500 GB. They all have the same performance as the 1 TB version, but 120 GB, for which a continuous record is limited to 140 MB / sec.

The company OCZ is not reported in the press release, the cost models, but in August was leaked, according to which their price is determined at 300, 650, 1200 and $ 2200, depending on the volume.