External HDD Imation Apollo Expert D300 combines 2 TB of memory with USB 3.0 interface

Friday, September 17, 2010

Company Imation, known for its high quality and reliable solutions for information storage, today announced the upgrade of its series of Apollo, which includes external hard drives of various modifications. The flagship of the new line at the same time became a model Expert D300, having the disk space of up to 2 TB.

In addition, an external hard drive Imation Apollo Expert D300 has the support of high-speed interface USB 3.0, which, naturally, considerably speeds up data exchange between him and the computer. Of course, there is also backward compatible with the most common are standard USB 2.0.

Completed an external hard drive Imation Apollo Expert D300 in a silver casing with a rough surface and has a fairly interesting "industrial" design. The set for him includes a special detachable stand that allows the device to have both horizontally and vertically.

External Hard Drive Imation Apollo Expert D300 is equipped with software, ArcSoft TotalMedia Backup, enabling them to create a backup copy of data automatically, on schedule or by the user. Added that the new external HDD is equipped with a five-year warranty and should appear on sale in October in versions with a capacity of 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. The cost of the flagship modification is $ 220.