«AAXA Technologies Mikroproektor "

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Despite the fact that today's novelty not Pocket, like some other models, the new mikroproektor Ultimate Micro Projector still seem tiny.Besides, unlike "Pico-analogues, this device really looks quite acceptable and functional solutions which contribute to, first, a few more power and, second, the lesser value.

First of all, novelty stands out thanks to a greater flux: while in Pico-Projector brightness usually does not exceed 40 lumens, the same indicator in the Ultimate Micro Projector reaches 75 lumens in maximum performance mode and 66 lumen in standard mode. Thus, even with well-lit room picture quality will remain relatively good.

Mikroproektor supports 800 x 600 and the size of a picture just over 100 inches in a dark room and up to 40 inches in lit – again, not too bad for it portable format.Also know that the device receives an aluminum enclosure, 1 GB of memory and built-in Reader for SD cards. Projector functions via touch proposes elements, but to make it easier to install, there is a miniature tripod.

Value of new products is 299 dollars and buy it now.