Navin Minihomer - GPS guide ddya tourists, athletes, motorists and children

Saturday, April 17, 2010

In the Russian Internet - on the shelves of stores and electronic retailers, a new GPS device - a guide Minihomer. As noted by Navin, Minihomer represents a fundamentally new to the Russian consumer handheld GPS mini device that can store as many as five locations in space and indicate the distance and path to them from anywhere. Executed in the form of transmitter device with a simplified management will serve as a compass for both adults and children. It will help tourists find the way to their hotel in a strange city or safely out of the forest, the children will find the way home, and motorists find their car in the parking lot. In this case it does not compete with the already on the market GPS-navigator with maps, as it has special features and simplified management that makes it easy to use even for children.

Highlights Minihomer:

    * Fixation and search up to 5 locations
    * Fixing the route and timetable
    * Function "Electronic Guide" - note the route you want to Google Map, fill in Minihomer and the device will show the way
    * Geotegging - pour photos on a Google Map and share them with your friends
    * Receiver Type - 1575.42MHz L1 C / A code
    * The accuracy of location is + / - 5 meters
    * Memory capacity - 165 thousand records (16 MB)
    * Electronic compass
    * Built-in clock
    * Resistance to water IPX6
    * Lithium-Ion battery 450 mAh, 16 hours in active mode
    * Dimensions - 73h35, 7h17, 3 mm
    * Weight - 42 grams