Two-screen Tablet Mintpass under Android and Windows 7

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Despite the fact that 7-inch Android tablet, Mintpass mentioned another company in 2009 and came into existence, it seems to already be successor. According to CNET Asia, the Korean company is working on a Tablet PC with two screens – actually, novelty will be executed in the same form factor as the famous Toshiba libretto is W100. However, it's one important difference is the ability to boot into Windows 7 and Android.The new Tablet slated for the first half of 2011.

As in the libretto is W100, Mintpass screens can function as independently or in tandem. Each display is touch-sensitive;In addition, each might display a keyboard. Users also have the possibility to open Mintpass different applications on different screens or stretch them on both displays.

Mintpass Representatives claim that the novelty will apply its own system of touch-sensitive controls, known as "space Touch". In addition, the new Tablet is supposedly going to apply for certification of the Android Market.So far not yet clear how the processor will be the novelty of the year, but there is a version that will be two: ARM for Android and x 86 for Windows 7.