Mivvy Dual Nio, Dual Slider and Dual TV Touch: Three dvuhsimovyh phone from the Czech company

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Czech company Mivvy announced the release of three mobile phones in primary and secondary level. All three apparatus - Dual Nio, Dual Slider and Dual TV Touch - support the work simultaneously with two SIM-cards. From the general characteristics of devices are the support networks of second-generation (3G standards in the work is not available) interface Bluetooth, FM-radio, built-in camera and music player, and microSD-slot. Model Mivvy Dual TV Touch is a single touch 2.6-inch QVGA-display and keypad. Also it is equipped with an analog TV tuner, 1.3 MP camera and an accelerometer. The model is interesting because of its back cover is done in the style of HTC Touch Diamond - with a lot of faces. Cost Dual TV Touch is 4299 kroner (about 160 euro).

Phone Mivvy Dual Slider is made in the form factor slider. Because of its distinctive features are the 2-inch display with a resolution 176h220 points and 2 MP camera. The cost of this unit is 3999 kroner (about 150 euro). Mivvy Dual Nio, in turn, is the easy and cheap from the models. This thin monoblock with 2-inch touch QVGA-display and keypad. Phone is equipped with VGA-camera, which, in many ways, his value does not exceed 3199 kroons (120 euros).