Philips presents a series of accessories for notebooks

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Philips has introduced a new series of notebook accessories designed for the modern mobile lifestyle. It includes a set of covers for notebook stand Notebook CushionSpeaker, portable audio panel Notebook SoundBar, speakers SPA3210, mouse support Bluetooth.

Philips Notebook Sleeve carry case has a soft side to set the laptop on his knees and a hard surface that provides stability. Additional layer HeatProtect provides a heat flow of air, preventing overheating. Cushion cover also protects the notebook from damage when being transported: the inside they are covered with material similar to suede. A rounded rubberized zipper protects the notebook from scratches.

Philips has also developed a new soft stand for Notebook Notebook CushionSpeaker with a flat top and a built-in speakers, providing impressive sound quality. Stand not only makes a long-term use of a laptop more convenient, but also prevents overheating, as the device itself, and the surface underneath.

Portable Turntables Notebook SoundBar is easy to use - just plug a USB-cable, and speakers will be heard. Notebook SoundBar can be mounted on the laptop screen or arrange separately. Cable rolled up and stored in a case that allows you to easily carry it with you. New Philips Notebook speakers SPA3210 with an output of 10 watts of extremely compact and low power consumption. Radiators bass allows smaller speakers effectively reproduce bass frequencies, despite the small size.

New Mouse for Notebooks with Bluetooth system is equipped with 360 ˚ TouchControl, thanks to which it is possible to control notebook on any surface and even without it. Instead of the usual wheel mouse has a touch sensor that allows to scroll in any direction. The mouse comes with a built-in retractable USB cable, through which you can both work in wired mode and charge the battery.

A new series of accessories for the notebook will be available online Eldorado in November.