AMD plans to release two 6-Core Thuban in the second quarter of 2010

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It is known that Intel plans to submit its 6-core processor Core i7 980X in March next year. This chip, also known under the code name Gulftown, made by rules of 32-nm process technology, supports 12 computing threads and promises to be the most powerful CPU in consumer class ever issued by Intel.

In turn, the main competitor to Intel in the microprocessor market, AMD is also not sitting idly by and is preparing to submit a worthy competitor Gulftown. According to the resource Fudzilla, the first two shestiyadernika AMD should see the light in the second quarter of 2010, slightly later than the supposed time of release Core i7 980X.

The new 6-core processors AMD will become part of a family of Thuban, and in their manufacture, in contrast to the Intel, will apply the 45 nm technology. In addition, these shestiyaderniki get to 6 MB cache in the third level and support for DDR3 1333, and they will find application in high-power desktop systems on motherboards with socket AM3.