GPS-navigator GlobalSat GV-570 with navigation AVTOSPUTNIK: a five-hour stand-alone

Friday, January 22, 2010

GlobalSat GV-570 - a car GPS-navigator with pyatidyuymovym screen and a built-in Bluetooth-module. Avtonavigator GlobalSat GV-570 has high-contrast touch pyatidyuymovy screen with a resolution of 480x272 points. Processor Samsung 400 MHz handles large volumes of data, including detailed navigational charts.

With GlobalSat GV-570 supplied detailed maps of Russia from Tele Atlas for AVTOSPUTNIK. This card is equipped with detailed address data (number of houses, housing, buildings), extensive base of POI, address search. In major cities traced yard passages, supported by feature map updates with changes of traffic in real time (in the case of street closures, the new prohibitory sign, the introduction of one-way traffic, etc.).

Navigator is equipped with GPS-receiver SiRF Star III. Built-in Bluetooth-module enables the use of Navigator handsfree device as a speakerphone to take calls and make calls while driving a car, without risking their safety.

Like most browsers, GlobalSat GV-570 is able to display pictures, play video and audio files. Has a card slot for SD, as well as built-in stereo speakers and headphone. Should be noted that in the autonomous mode, the device operates up to 5 hours (built-in battery has a capacity of 2200 mAh), included also provides a cable with cigarette lighter plug in the machine for long avtopoezdok. GlobalSat GV-570 is already on sale and costs from 7000 rubles.


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