Squibble portable Braille interface is clever, beautiful

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Designer Andrew Mitchell (Andrew Mitchell) presented an interesting concept called Squibble. This is a portable device with a Braille interface - for the visually impaired. It can be connected, for example, to a mobile phone by wireless Bluetooth and report on incoming calls or messages in an understandable manner - using sound, Braille (the points that you can feel with your fingers) or high-contrast images.

According to the plan designer, compact Squibble easily fits in your pocket, the device is enclosed in a metal casing and is equipped with 779 ultrasonic motors, which provide tactile feedback. Besides, the point is also highlighted. Thus, the user can read the message or to recognize the incoming number. A comfortable handle allows you to keep Squibble on weight, that is, not necessarily look for a suitable surface to put the device. Perhaps the solution convenient and useful, it remains only to realize it.