The new gaming system with the effect of the presence connects virtual and real world

Friday, December 25, 2009

For those gamers who prefer to play than using a traditional computer mouse and keyboard, but with Wii-like consoles, sure to be interesting new gaming system, invented by a team of developers, National University of Singapore (National University of Singapore).

Singapore researchers have developed an immersive multiplayer gaming system with so strong a spectacular presence that erases the boundaries between gamers real and virtual world. This system includes a display worn on the head, as well as motion-sensing controller, which recorded movement ad tracking system.

Thus, gamers can move, bend, jump, aim and perform many other actions, dictated by the game, within which they virtually are. In this game avatar repeats all actions and movements of the user in real time.

Even more remarkable is that such augmented reality is integrated into the overall gaming system. This allows gamers to play in any open environment. This headband is equipped with a display built-in camera, fixing visual data, and a special system synchronizes the real world with gaming a reality. Thus, players have the ability to simultaneously move in the real world and destroy their opponents with the help of a virtual sword or firearms