First EliteBook Tablet and updated line of HP ProBook

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring of this year, HP has met a variety of screen updates to the model range. Including the first for the company's Tablet PC Series pro. EliteBook 2740p has a 12-inch swivel touch screen with support for multitouch input, and its body is made stronger than that of mass-produced laptops companies. In making his case used magnesium alloys and stainless steel, allowing the model conform to MIL STD 810G Standards Illuminated and resistance to vibration. The basis of the same system formed Processors Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i5, which due to its low power consumption make it possible battery life up to five hours, despite reared performance.

HP does not disclose what specific equipment will be the base (worth $ 1600), but it is known that the amount of memory can be up to 8 GB as well as the drive can be used in hard disk drives 160 and 250 GB or 80 or 160 GB solid-state drive. The optional integrated 3G modem, Qualcomm Gobi and docking station with writing DVD-drive, VGA-port, and eSATA. The cost of the docking station is $ 299.

The second new EliteBook 2540p with the usual 12-inch screen will be the most compact, but Sami and rapid device series. In addition to energy-efficient version on Core i7, expected to install and full-featured processors Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i5. As storage devices can be used 250 or 500 GB hard drive. The main asset of this model will be a long time: up to 8 hours with standard 6-cell battery or up to 10.5 hours, with extended 9-cell. In the version with the cost version of the processor Intel Core i7 will be available free slot for the DVD-drive or 250 GB drive, which can also remain free to save weight and cost. The minimum configuration model will cost $ 1,099.

In a series of ProBook come out 13.3-inch 4320s, 14-inch 4420s, 15-inch 4520s and 17.3-inch 4720s with full CPU Core i3, i5, and i7, and also available optionally graphics card Mobility Radeon HD 4350 and the hard drives of 250 and 500 GB. The cost models in the series is unknown, but reported that the prices will start at $ 719.